Taking Care Of Your Eyesight


How often have you wondered about how you can care for your eyes? Be honest here. Most often we tend to forget the very thing that keeps us going through the day with minimal effort.


Eyes are great to have and we often would appreciate them more if we didn’t have them. Therefore, do not wait to lose your precious pair to start to care for them.

What Can Damage My Eyes?

Long term exposure to damaging hazards can affect your eyes.

Ultraviolet rays come from the sun and they are responsible for burning the cornea and causing damage to the internal eye components like the lens and retina, causing an increased risk of cataracts.

Smoking can affect your eyes also besides other parts of the body. It can cause irreversible damage to your eyes by damaging the most sensitive part of your eye, the macula.

Computer screens can also cause damage to your eyes. However, it is reversible. Other causes that can cause eye damage are intense bright lights, high blood pressure, diabetes, debris and laser pointers.

What Can Damage

What Are The Problems That Can Affect My Eyes?

Sight Problems

The most common problem is astigmatism, which is the result of a misshapen cornea or lens. Almost everybody has this but some have it to a greater degree than others do. Farsightedness or hyperopia is the inability to see near objects and the other like it is myopia or nearsightedness in which you can’t see farther objects.

When retinal cells become less sensitive to light, you cannot see properly in the dark, causing night blindness. Mostly it is caused by vitamin A deficiency.

Sight Problems

Other Problems

Excessive pressure inside your eyes can cause glaucoma. It is damaging to the optic nerve and may even result in blindness. It mostly remains undetected until you lose your vision. Protein build-up in the eye lens can cause cataracts, mostly found in seniors over 65.

Other Problems

How Can I avoid These Problems?

You can do several things to avoid damage to your eyes. You should protect your eyes from UV light by wearing sunglasses. Avoid reading in dim light. Smoking is harmful to your health in general and especially to your eyes, so stop smoking. When you are working with saws, chemicals or flames wear protective covering around your eyes. Take a balanced and healthy diet. Get your eyes checked regularly to detect any problem early on.

Following these tips should put you on the road to healthier and beautiful eyes.

wear sunglasses