Tanning Lotions Available In The Market

tanWhen discussing about tanning beds and the tanning lotions that are needed, there are many companies that offer their products in the market. There is a wide variety of tanning lotions meant for indoor activities and it is difficult to choose the right brand.

Australian Gold

This company is well known for the tanning bed lotions, as well as the accelerators and oils which they provide. The Crystal XII is a top product in the market. This company is also responsible for making bronzers with the hemp. The hemp is an addition to the tanning collection, which ensures the skin is moisturized.

California Tan

This is another company that manufactures tanning bronzers. It has received rave reviews and this asserts that a lot of people have indeed tried the products, and made sure this is the right product for them. People firmly believe that the formula can keep the skin nice, healthy and smooth.

The Designer Skin is also another product in the same line that is used in tanning salons all across the globe, together with the Australian Gold. The products have many vitamins included and they leave the skin smooth.

If you are looking for a tanner which contains vitamins, then you should probably think of the Designer Skin Tao bronzer. This contains vitamins, such as vitamin C, E and A besides some firming agents like Avocado oils to ensure the skin is kept smooth and tight during usage.

Designer bronzer

An advantage of this bronzer is that the product has a great fragrance, so it is a pleasure to apply it on your skin. Also, you might feel the need to come back for even more, because it is always a treat to apply a bronzer that smells so good.

Which one of the three above is the best product? In our humble opinion, we would recommend the Australian Gold tanning product, because we think it stands out from the crowd. You can find it in tanning salons across the world and it helps in giving you a natural tan, as well as provides protection for your skin. Therefore, it is advisable to use this brand.