Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

Teen PregnancyToday the number of teenage girls getting pregnant is increasing by the day. It is just an indicator of how our society is on its way downhill. With the advent of media and the internet, everything has become easily accessible to all, without any age bar. As a result, anybody of any age has access to material that might not be suitable for their age.

In addition, there are still several reservations and no proper communication exists between parents and children. As a result, parents are not able to pass on good values to their children. Some children are so restricted by their parents that they end up responding like a spring under pressure. The rebellion keeps building up inside them till at some point of time, they snap and end up doing something totally irresponsible like getting pregnant.

Girls are becoming mothers at an age when they themselves are children. Usually, parents do not have enough time to devote to their children so that they bring them up in a better manner. Whatever the reason be, the one to suffer is the girl and most often even the child.

It cannot be said enough how adversely these teenage pregnancies affect the young mothers, however here you can find below the possible adverse effects of teenage pregnancies.

The adverse effects

The body of the young mother is not developed enough to carry a child. The girl’s body is still in the development stages and hence, she is not ready to carry a child. This can damage her bone structure as well as her overall health if she does not take care.

The girl loses her teenage years when she could have been carefree and enjoying her life, she ends up caring for another life, placing the child’s needs ahead of her own. This can result in deep psychological damage to the girl.

The girl may end up blaming the child for her sorry state. As a result, the child loses on the loving care and affection of its mother, which can result in the child being affected psychologically.

Usually, daughters of teenage mothers end up becoming teenage mothers themselves. So, this is also another damaging factor.

There is a time for everything. So, more awareness is required for people to wake up to this problem, which is affecting our society.