Teenage Skincare

Teenage is a period when youngsters become conscious about their beauty. It is they who spend lots of money, time as well as efforts, to get a better appearance. They try a number of cosmetics on their face and body.

In fact one would say that teenage is the correct period to begin skincare regimen. Start a good skincare regimen in your teens, to be assured of healthy skin and to be free from Acne, fine lines etc. in later life.

Skin being the largest body organ, covering and protecting your body from bacteria, water, etc., it repairs itself when bruised; your skin mirrors your health condition.  Most of teenage skin is overactive and tends to be oily, and has been identified as normal, optimal and skin which is free from breakouts.  Skin of teenagers can be segregated into these types and when you know what type your skin is, you will be able to take care of it.

Your diet plays an important role in Skincare regimen, even as balanced food makes the body function properly. A low-fat diet is good for skin’s health, apart from containing fruits and vegetables, which have antioxidants to help your skin become supple. When your intake of water is good, it can help digestion, apart from conveying nutrients to skin, carrying away wastes from cells and regulation of the body temperature.

Exercise is the next important aspect which can make your skin healthy. Exercise can regulate and increase blood circulation in the skin, which can give you a healthy sheen and repair the skin tissues.

First of all, skincare regimen should begin with cleansing the pores to soften the skin. If your skin tends to be affected by Acne, you should wash it with Salicylic Acid so that oil is not generated on the skin. Benzoyl-peroxide can cure pimples, while Glycolic-Acid cleans away dead cells of the skin.

If your skin is dry, choose non-irritant cleansers which can soothe the surface of the skin, after from hydrating it. Clean the skin gently with a mild cleanser, thrice a day. If you scrub it hard, it may harm the skin. Rinse the skin after washing it thoroughly.