Teeth Whitening Tips – How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

There is nothing that can spoil a good presentation like yellow teeth. Your appearance might be perfect, you may have made an excellent sales pitch and your prospective client might have been impressed, except for your yellow teeth.

Smoking and Caffeine
Yellow teeth can be due mainly to our personal habits. Habit number one is smoking. The nicotine can change the color of your teeth over time, from a clean white to a yellow or dark brown color. Apart from this damage to your physical appearance, smoking can also affect your health seriously and lead to a host of problems such as cancer and other ailments. Too much tea or coffee can also stain your teeth as the Caffeine in both beverages reacts with the calcium in your canines. If you wish to conserve your white teeth longer, you should either cut down on coffee and tea or eliminate them completely.

Commercial Whiteners
There are many commercial products available in the market that can remove the yellow cast to your teeth, and leave them white and glistening. Toothpastes and gels with whitening properties can make your teeth whiter over time but it may take a while. Laser whitening, on the other hand, can whiten your teeth after a few sessions and the effects are longer. This is a delicate procedure however, and should only be administered by a dentist.

Lemon Juice and Salt
You can also whiten your teeth using tried and true home remedies that have been effectively used by our grandparents for decades. A simple home remedy is to mix 1 teaspoon of Lemon Juice and 1 teaspoon of salt. Soak a piece of cotton in this mixture and rub your teeth with it. The Lemon Juice and salt combination will remove the yellow stain, exposing the white enamel below.

Bicarbonate of Soda
Bicarbonate of Soda has been used for centuries to whiten teeth and will leave yours white and shiny after a few days of this treatment. Just take 1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda and mix with a spoonful of water. Rub this mixture on your teeth with a piece of cotton or by using the tips of your fingers.

Chewing Raw Fruits
Other things you can do to whiten your teeth are to chew raw Spinach. The Spinach Juice will react with the yellow color and will dissolve it over a period of time. You can also eat other raw products such as Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Apples and Strawberries. All of these fruits and vegetables will give a good massage to your gums and teeth, while the undiluted fruit and vegetable juice will remove the yellow stain.