Ten Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Ten Foods That Help You Loose Weight

Ten Foods That Help You Loose WeightPeople have become extremely conscious about their weight these days. Every person has become concerned abut the diet he or she intakes. People want to eat healthy and tasty food at the same time. People avoid eating food which has a high calorie intake. Many people just eat as per their diet plan which is not a very healthy and effective way of losing your extra kilos.

A person should eat everything but at the same time be aware of what she is eating and how she can lose weight. There are a number of healthy foods that help in weight reduction of a person. Those should be included in the person’s diet plan, if he wishes to lose weight.

Foods that Help You Loose Weight


It is a very common saying that ‘apple a day keeps doctor away’. Now we can reframe it and say that apple a day helps you loose weight. Any person who wishes to lose weight must have apple in her diet plan. Apple is said to be very effective if had before a meal. It is said that if an apple is had before your meal time it reduces the intake of your calories during the meal. Apple has low calorie content and is packed with fibers and vitamins. If a person cannot resist food he should definitely have an apple before his meals. It acts as a perfect remedy for reducing your calorie intake.


Pomegranates are a great fruit and very good as well as helpful for loosing weight. These have other benefits too. Pomegranates can be had in two forms.

Ten Foods That Help You Loose Weight

A person can have pomegranate seeds or the pomegranate juice. Both of these help you to loose weight. If a person wants better results then she should have the seeds of pomegranate rather than the juice. The pomegranate juice is not as effective as the pomegranate seeds. A person can try different interesting and mouth watering dishes with pomegranate. This becomes tasty food which is healthy too.


Yoghurt is rich in calcium and protein. It helps a person to loose weight. Including it in your diet is a very good and helpful idea. Yoghurt helps in reducing your belly fat. It is said that yoghurt helps in reducing your tummy too. Hence, if you do not include yoghurt in your diet plan now start including it as it not only helps in weight reduction it has other benefits too.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is said to be the best edible oil. Being oil it is very effective in controlling a person’s weight. Olive oil increases the metabolism rate of a person and burns the extra fat. Olive oil speeds up the process of fat burning of a person. A person should use olive as far as practical while cooking food. It is healthy and helps in weight loss.


A person usually has oatmeal for her breakfast. Some people find it very tasty and delicious. Oatmeal does not burn a lot of your calories but it keeps your hunger in control. Oatmeal reduces a person’s hunger. Since, it reduces a person’s hunger it helps a person to stick to her normal diet plan or routine.

Ten Foods That Help You Loose Weight

It helps a person by not letting the person overeat. Instant oatmeal is a dish which is not very high on calories. A person’s hunger gets satisfied by not eating much as the instant oatmeal is a very filling dish. Oatmeal is also very helpful for a person with diabetes. Hence, a person should include oatmeal in her diet plan as it makes you intake less calories and keeps your hunger satisfied by not eating much.


A person can have soup for a meal to lose weight. The soup should be very light and shall not contain oil, butter, cheese and other high calorie products. A person can have any soup which has been well prepared keeping in mind the diet plan of a person. Soup is healthy as well as good to eat, so a person can include it in his diet plan.


A person should have salads which do not have mayonnaise dressing and other high calorie products in it. A person shall have a freshly prepared salad containing a lot of vegetables.

Ten Foods That Help You Loose Weight

Vegetables shall constitute a major part of your diet. Vegetables contain high amount of water and fiber. Make your salad with the vegetables you like. Salads are tasty and healthy. It is a must for your diet plan.

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Drink Plenty of water

Drinking water keeps you hydrated. If a person keeps herself well hydrated she will feel less hungry. This will help you by cutting down want you eat unnecessarily. Drinking lots of water also helps you to get an internal glow or shine on your face.

Green tea

Green tea does not contain caffeine. It helps a person to loose weight. Green tea contains compounds which combine with other chemicals in a person’s body and generate heat that helps in burning that fat of a person’s body. Green tea also helps in increasing a person’s metabolism rate. Green tea is also good for people who have high cholesterol level as it helps in reducing it. Green tea should be included in a person’s diet as it burns fat naturally.


Ten Foods That Help You Loose Weight

Tofu is made of soya beans which are very healthy for a person’s diet. Tofu is great for loosing weight and it keeps your energy levels up. Adding tofu to your diet plan will help you significantly. Tofu is a must in your diet chart as it helps you loose weight and is also a very healthy food product.

A person shall eat healthy to loose weight. A person shall try eating many small meals rather than having three big meals. Include healthy food to your diet plan. People who want to loose weight shall avoid eating junk food. A person shall also exercise everyday. Include food products that help you loose weight. Note down what you have and see that calorie that you intake everyday. Keep a healthy lifestyle and you will definitely loose weight.