Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy

Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy

Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy Pregnancy causes quite a few problems to women. Some of the problems are very common among women and most of them have to deal with it while some are uncommon and can cause complications if not dealt with it on time and the proper way mentioned.

Common Problems During Pregnancy


One of the most common problems faced by most of the pregnant women is swelling. In this the hands and legs and sometimes even the face of the expecting lady is swollen. Swelling of legs can also cause problem to the women in walking and moving around. If swelling is accompanied by morning sickness and some vision problem or disturbance then it is a serious problem and a doctor should be consulted to.

Change in Smell and Taste

Another very common problem is change of smell and taste for food. There are some food the smell of which will sometimes make you vomit and you will not be able to eat it during pregnancy. This is not something very serious as most women go through it. As the pregnancy will proceed the expectant women will automatically start becoming more tolerant towards these smells.


Sometimes, during pregnancy the expectant lady can also have fever. If the fever persists for many days and the temperature is over 100 degree Fahrenheit then the doctor needs to be consulted as this can be a result of some infection which can also affect the unborn baby.


Vomiting is very common problem among expectant women in the first trimester. Continuous vomiting makes the woman weak and can also cause dehydration among women.

Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy

In the later stage of pregnancy vomiting can persist and can also be accompanied by fever or body pain. Too much of vomiting can cause under weight babies and if the vomiting is painful in can even cause harm to the baby.

Gaining Weight

Weight gain is a very common feature of pregnancy. Every woman tends to gain weight during her pregnancy. There is a certain limit up to which an expectant lady is expected to put on weight, which the doctor will tell you. However if you tend to put on extra weight then the doctor should immediately be consulted with.


Pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Bleeding in the early stage or in the first trimester either leads to miscarriage or early delivery of the baby. Sometimes doctors also suggest complete rest to the expectant lady. Though bleeding in the later stage of pregnancy can be a serious problem and can give rise to various other complications associated to pregnancy.

Pain in the Abdomen

Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy

Along with pregnancy there can sometimes also be abdominal pain. These usually arise due to a poor or defective digestive system. Abdominal pain can also be accompanied by nausea. Sometimes these can also be related to a virus in the stomach and this requires immediate attention of the doctor.

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Headaches are a common problem faced by women during pregnancy. These headaches can last for a very long time. This can leave the women weak, irritated and disturbed. These can also a reason for mood swing during the pregnancy.

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is a common problem for women during pregnancy. This usually happens as the baby grows and needs to be accommodated in the body. Due to this an expectant lady cannot sit straight or stand for long. She needs to lie down and rest very often.


Ten Problems Faced During Pregnancy

Constipation is a very common problem among women during pregnancy. This usually happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. This usually happens because a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during this period of time.

During pregnancy an expectant lady should always listen to her doctor and consult the doctor whenever necessary and the antibiotics should be taken as and when prescribed.