Ten tips for Healthy hair

Ten tips for Healthy hair

Ten tips for Healthy hairHealthy hair reflects the health of the body and the well being of a person. Hair is affected by an unhealthy diet, tiredness, stress and the life style of a person. Following are some tips to improve the health of your hair:

Split ends: Regular trimming banishes the split ends. Use a wide toothed comb on wet hair rather than using a brush. Never over heat the hair while blow drying and do not blow dry the hair directly. Instead, use a nozzle to direct the air parallel to the hair.

Treating dandruff: Choose hair care products that are natural and avoid those which contain metal oxides. After a dandruff treatment, wash the hair properly while avoiding touching the scalp as the infection may be picked up.

Quality of the hair brush: Use a hair brush that is of good quality, as a poor quality brush can scratch the scalp and tear the hair. Avoid over brushing as this may lead to oily hair, hair falling out and split ends. Always brush your hair before washing as it massages the scalp and helps in loosening the dead skin cells.

Use medium heat while blow drying: Blow dry the hair with medium heat and finish drying with a blast of cold air, as it helps in closing the cuticles.

Hair color: If colored hair is what you like, then avoid hair color which is non-organic, especially peroxides. Choose hair color that is temporary and can come off after 12 or so washes. Do not over dry the hair color. Let it dry off naturally.

Condition your hair: Try to condition your hair with natural ingredients like egg yolk for dry hair and egg white for oily hair. You can also use a strong herbal infusion of chamomile for oily or balanced hair.

Protect your hair color: The color of the hair can be affected by sun or a splash in the pool. Wear a scarf when going out in the sun and wear a swimming cap when taking a plug in the pool. Remember to shampoo the hair after swimming.

Eating well can also affect the hair:
Foods that are rich in vitamins, like salads, fruits that are yellow and nuts, like almonds, etc.