The Abs Diet For Women

abs-diet-for-womenWhether you are a man or a women, your abs are a concern. Stomach fat is the hardest of all fat to get rid of for most people and for women it is the hardest. Men just seem to burn off the fat so much easier than women.

Tummy fat is not only unsightly but it is also very dangerous to our health. It contains bad health substances that can actually kill you. More of the right foods can help get rid of tummy fat and give you those fabulous abs that you are craving.

You need to eat 6 meals a day. Yes, it sounds like a lot of food but you are eating smaller portions. It is important to keep your metabolism going strong all day long so that you can burn off the fat and work on getting the muscle in its place.

By eating 6 small meals a day, it also helps to keep you from going on a binge. You have less of a chance of over eating at a meal since you are not feeling starved by the time you actually sit down to eat. You still have to watch what you eat.

There are a lot of power foods that will help to fill you up and lose the weight while gaining the muscle. Nuts are a great snack and almonds are a great choice in that department. Beans and legumes are perfect as well as all the veggies you can eat. Spinach is an excellent choice.

When eating dairy, stick with fat free or low fat milk. Yogurt and cheese as long as it is not processed is great. Eggs for breakfast or even oatmeal and you can have lean meats such as turkey for lunch.

Peanut butter is an excellent snack and if you want to turn that turkey into a sandwich, make sure you use whole grain bread. Don’t forget the fruit. Raspberries and other fruits are great for a snack as well. Great abs are easy to get as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Exercise and eat healthy.