The Advantages of Velcro Over Zippers

Velcro has become an important part of our lives from cloths to shoes to accessories and utility items, Velcro had definitely been a very successful and useful invention.

Once in the year 1941 a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral was walking his dog when he noticed burrs sticking on the dog’s fur and his cloth.

Even after removing them they kept on sticking back. After examining the burrs under his microscope that he found many tiny hooks on the burrs that would get caught on any surface with loops. De Mestral replicated the same effect and created a new clothing fastener and Velcro was invented.

Velcro revolutionized the way clothing fasteners were uses and quickly replaces the zipper. We hardly realize the extent of using Velcro in our daily life. It has made our lives simple and effortless. But what makes Velcro better than zippers? Here are some interesting facts about the advantages of Velcro over zippers.s

Effortless Cleaning

Since Velcro is made using nylon it can be easily washed. Velcro has two side one made of soft lops and the other made up of numerous hooks. Both the sides can be machine washed.

As opposed to zippers that are usually made with metal and tend to rust when washed. Metal fasteners also lose their color and become dull in a few washed while the Velcro can be wash continually.

Metal fasteners may also damage and tare your cloths during a machine wash while Velcro dose have such problems. With shear strength of 10 to 15 lbs per square inch Velcro is an extremely adaptable and flexible fastener compared to a zipper.

Child Friendly

Children may hurt themselves while pulling up or down a zipper. If the zipper is in direct contact with the skin, the skin may get caught in the zipper hurting the child.

Velcro is extremely safe and easy to use for children and has no chances of hurting a child. The child also becomes independent weather it’s the shoes or the jacket or the bag he/she can get ready in no time.


As compared to zippers which have limited uses, Velcro is extremely versatile, multifunctional and has diverse uses. Apart from being a useful fastener to the average person, Velcro is widely use by the U.S. forces for attaching badges on to their cloths, the aerospace industry too uses Velcro to fix food pouches on to the walls of the spacecraft it is even been used in marine gear. Velcro is also used in bag and toy manufacturing industries.

Other Benefits

Zippers make almost no sound while opening and closing. Velcro needs less force to close and more while opening. It also makes a ripping sound while opening which make the opening action noticeable.

It is this sound that discourages pickpockets while it alerts the potential victim. Also zippers need to be perfectly aligned for a smooth closing or opening action and is difficult to use on a run while Velcro just needs a gentle press and you are set to go.

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