The bald truth about hair loss

truth-about-hair-lossEach new invention for the prevention and healing of hair loss is welcomed by people who are in dire need of safe and effective treatment. Medicine and all the related fields are into big business. They are into money making rather than taking care of the consumer needs and the dire emergencies of the patients. In this materialist time, the well being of the patients is overshadowed by economics. Only a few in this industry are concerned about the patients and their needs.

Before taking into account a product or service, one should empower himself with the objective information. Propecia, Revivogen and Rogaine are the best recommended formulas for combating hair loss in both men and women.

Rogaine is an FDA approved formula that works by activating the hair follicles and keeping them in the growth space. However, Rogaine doesn’t work for everyone.

Propecia is the only other FDA formula after Rogaine for baldness, and is often successful. It is an oral medication that works by preventing the formation of a hormone called DHT. This hormone is the real reason for hair loss. Propecia is available by prescription and is for men only. However, this formula has some side effects, like libido, although it is still a safe drug and most of the users never experience any side effects.

Revivogen is a natural product and for those who want a natural alternative. Revivogen is rested on the latest medical breakthrough with reference to the cause and treatment of hair loss. It is made by natural ingredients, which are scientifically proven to reduce the production of DHT hormones. Revivogen works by blocking the androgen receptor and activate hair growth. This is similar to what Rogaine and Propecia do, but the active ingredients present in Revivogen are more effective in reducing the production of DHT more than Propecia. By reducing the production of DHT, the weakened and thin hair becomes thicker and stronger, thus resulting in a fuller head of hair. Revivogen doesn’t effect the DHT production anywhere else in the body and so it is safer to use for both men and women.