The Basics of Cutting Long Hair

Basics of Cutting Long Hair

With the correct instructions, it is very simple to learn how to cut hair that is long. This article addresses the basic ways to cut long hair.

The process to cut long hair is slightly different from cutting short hair. It is better to get a picture of the haircut your friend or your client likes first. If it is the first time you are cutting long hair, do not try styles that are complicated.

It is easy to cut long hair when it is dry. This is slightly different from cutting other kind of styles, which need the hair to be wet. However, cutting the hair while it is dry will also spoil the scissors, but nothing much can be done about it. It is better to wash the hair well with a conditioner and shampoo on the day of the hair cut.

wash the hair well with a conditioner

The hair should be allowed to dry naturally. No chemicals should be used on the hair before it is cut. To cut long hair, you need more equipment, such as a fine-toothed comb and scissors that are exclusively meant to cut hair. Avoid the standard scissors used to cut paper.

fine-toothed comb and scissors

The primary step is to remove any knots in the hair with the help of the fine-toothed comb. Since you are already aware of the style you want, you have to decide on the length of the hair. Cut less off than the final length that you working towards. Your primary goal at this stage is to cut the hair perfectly horizontal.

help of the fine-toothed com

This can be checked by asking the person to bend at the waist so that the hair points towards the floor. Cut the hair in as straight a line as you can. To check if you are succeeding, ask the person to stand up for a minute. If it is perfect, then follow the same procedure, trimming a little bit at a time, until you reach the length that you desire.

The next thing you need to know while cutting long hair is to frame the face properly. By starting layered, you can do a V-shape. For this shape, you have to keep moving the head backward and forward until you get the needed length.

V-shape haircut

To check if both the sides are even, bring the hair directly above the head from both the sides and check directly. With these basics you can be confident of your first long-hair styling.