The Best Hair Removal Treatments

hair removalHair removal is by far the most popular beauty treatment chosen by women. Having smooth, satiny and hair free skin is on every woman’s dream list. This has made them explore the various avenues associated with hair removal. Hair removal is carried out for the arms, legs, bikini area and the underarms. This allows women to flaunt skimpy dresses and tops without having to worry about fuzz. Here are some of the popular hair removal methods to help you decide which are the best ones for you.

Best Hair Removal Treatments


Shaving is one of the most basic forms of hair removal. It is a convenient option for women who are on the move and really do not have the time to avail of expensive hair removal treatments at parlours. Razors specially made for women can be used.

The Best Methods For Unwanted Hair Removal

These come with a shaving gel designed to give you a close and smooth shave. It is a painless method and fairly quick. The only drawback is that hair comes out faster as it is not removed from the root. So you may have to shave as often as once a week for smooth skin.


One of the most popular forms of hair removal is waxing. This is done routinely at most beauty salons and parlours. Hot wax is applied on the surface of the skin and the hair is pulled out from the opposite direction with the help of waxing strips.

Tips For Hair Removal At Home

These days special wax called as bio soft is available which is relatively pain free and also gives fuzz free skin for a longer period of time. Waxing is the oft preferred method of hair removal because it is more cost effective. Women also remain fuzz free for at least a month before going in for their next waxing appointment.

Laser hair removal

This is one of the permanent hair removal methods. In this, a pulsed light beam is thrown on the surface of the skin. This burns and kills the hair follicle. Hair growth is significantly reduced over multiple seatings.

laser hair removal cost

You may require at least 6-8 seatings before you see a reduction in hair growth. Apart from being expensive, the person may also suffer from hyper pigmentation post laser treatment due to the formation of scar tissue.

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Depilatory Creams

Another way of hair removal is the use of depilatory creams. These creams are applied on the surface of the skin and left for a few minutes before being wiped clean. They remove the hair with them as the cream comes off. These creams too are easy to use for women who do not want the hassle of going in for expensive parlour visits.


Tweezing is an archaic practice for hair removal and was primarily used for removing eye brow hair before the more modern threading treatment started.


  In this the hair is pulled out from the hair follicle with the help of a tweezer. It is a very painful and long drawn out process. The major drawback is that the hair grows out again within a few days.