The Best Low Updo Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyle is an important aspect that enhances the beauty of the bride. A wedding is the most cherished and memorable day in the bride life.

There are several hairstyles that brides can choose according to their tastes and personalities. However, one of the best hairstyles for a bride is low updo, and there are several other styles to try. Here are some the best updos for weddings such as;

Low Updo Bridal Hairstyles

Low Bun Updo

Low bun updo is one of the best bridal hairstyles, and is the evergreen choice for thousands of brides. This hairstyle can easily hide the comb and any extra pins that are needed.

low bun updos

It gives romantic and graceful look on your special day. It highly complements the gown. Adding flowers to low bun hairstyle can give a beautiful touch. Hair bands and other accessories will add luminescence and shine against the dark hair.

Wavy-Tousled Updo

It is the most popular low updo bridal hairstyles for brides. It works the best with naturally curly hair as well as with straight hair. It is a more relaxed and messy updo for brides.

Wavy-Tousled Updo

If the bride hair is short to medium length, it is the best choice. You can add some bobby pins or small flowers to enhance your beauty. It is easy to maintain and does not require too much maintenance. It is a suitable choice for oval and round shaped faces.

Ballerina Bun

It is an elegant wedding updo for brides. No doubt it looks complicated but easy to make. It is an ideal choice for straight to fine hair. Ballerina bun makes the hair more pliable.

Ballerina Bun

For a versatile, classic and trendy look, try this bun style for your wedding day. This simple low updo style will suit every bride. While for a hot and modern look, this hairstyle will never be out of the style.

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Intricate Updo  

Thus this updo look may appear complicated and like it took hours, it is quite easy for brides with straight, long, curly or wavy hair. It starts with a tight ponytail just below the crown head.

Intricate Updo

It is true that a bride with curly hair will have more benefits of this style. Pearls will add more style and beautiful look to this low updo. Due to its easiness and comfort it is becoming the first choice of the majority of brides.

Braid Bridal Updo

Braiding hair updo is a suitable choice for all types of events such as a wedding, a party etc. Today a wide variety of braiding hairstyles are available for brides. It is a secured and safe hairstyle option. By wearing this updo, bride will achieve an elegant look.

Braid Bridal Updo

Braiding is the best method to add a little sophistication to some wedding updo hair, especially if you have long hair.  Even braiding also complements short and medium hair. Generally, braiding hairstyles are the best choice for all. So, these are some of the best updos for weddings. Keep in mind that to select an updo that is perfect for your face type as well as suits the wedding dress. Always choose the hairstyle in which you feel comfortable.

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