5 The Best Methods For Unwanted Hair Removal

Best Methods For Unwanted Hair Removal

We can all agree that the sight of a woman with a lot of hair on her bare arms and legs is not a pretty sight. That is why people try and strive to remove unwanted hair. With the way life is right now, women have to juggle many things that include home, work and parenting and this leaves them with very less time to deal with grooming issues like removal of unwanted hair.

That is why you need to choose a method that is quick, cost effective, easy and the most suited for your hair removal needs.

Before picking out a method for unwanted hair removal, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The area where the hair is to be removed from
  • The time you are willing to spend on this
  • The frequency of removal
  • Pain factor
  • The budget

All these factors will definitely affect your choice of the method for unwanted hair removal. Here we list out below some of the most known methods of unwanted hair removal:

Methods for Unwanted Hair Removal


This is the only method that is considered to offer a permanent solution for unwanted hair removal. The process is quite painstaking and involves the insertion of a tiny needle to the skin surface at the point of hair growth to destroy the cell that propagates hair growth. It can be a rather lengthy process considering that we have to reach out to each and every hair to complete the process. Pain wise it causes moderate discomfort. This can be a costly process and is mostly preferred for areas like face where other methods may not work.



This is the process where using a laser the root of the hair is destroyed causing the hair to fall off. This method can be used in all parts of the body and works better on women who have a darker hue of skin color.

The results of this kind of treatment can last up a year after which you may have to go for a follow-up session. This method is costly and can be a little painful. You can get a laser treatment done for facial hair as this may take less time and may fall within your budget. For areas where the area of hair is larger you can go in for other methods.



This method has been used for a really long time. Application of cold or hot wax on to the area where you want to remove unwanted hair. A cloth or special paper is pressed to the area where the wax is applied and pulled in the opposite direction to remove the hair. This process can be painful.

You can use this method on most areas of your body, though it would be advisable to do it on your face as waxing tends to loosen the skin and you do not want that to happen to your face. As you keep waxing a particular hair, it makes the hair grow in thinner over time making the process relatively pain free. This method is not that costly but the frequency of this treatment can be anywhere from 2 weeks to six weeks.


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This is a method from which many women have shied away due to the implications of it being a manly method of hair removal. Since now proper shaving equipment for women have been introduced, this method is slowly catching on. However shaving is not suitable for all parts of the body, especially the face.

Another drawback of shaving is that hair tends to grow in faster so the frequency of this method is more. It is a relatively pain less method as long as you avoid cutting yourself and can also be pretty economical since all you need to do is invest in good shaving equipment. This method is suitable for arms, underarms, legs and even the pubic area.



Use of chemical creams that remove hair is one more method that you can use. Though not painful, sometimes sensitive skin may react badly to this method of hair removal. The cream tends to break down the hair protein thus removing the hair with a smoother finish than with shaving.

But the smell and the effects of the chemicals on the skin tends to make this an unpopular method. This method is relatively economical and if the depilatory cream you have chosen suits your skin type then it is a relatively easy method too.

As you can see there are various method for unwanted hair removal. Pick the one that suits your needs and resources the best.

Use of chemical creams that remove hair