The Best Ways to Lose Weight after Childbirth

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience and every woman cherishes it.  During pregnancy, women gain weight which is quite obvious and after the delivery of baby, many women continue to gain weight and look fat. There is always a desire to get back to shape at the earliest.

Here are few tips which would help you to regain your figure back, soon after childbirth:

Do not rush and do something in haste and harm yourself. Your body is still weak and recovering from the wear and tear of pregnancy. Give enough time and rest to your body before getting onto slimming. Avoid dieting and skipping meals. Eat healthy foods and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients and dieting would adversely affect your baby’s health as it is dependent on you for its nourishment.

One of the safest and best ways of losing your weight post pregnancy is through breast feeding. Your body stores calories during pregnancy as an energy reserve to breastfeed your baby. It has been proved during scientific studies, that those mothers who regularly breastfeed their babies have a lesser chance of getting fat.

Simple exercises, a good morning and evening walk will help you reduce not only your weight but will also help you come out of post-natal depression and mood swings. After 6 weeks of normal delivery, exercises can be started. Even yoga works wonders in reducing weight after pregnancy. But make sure that you do it under the guidance of a good instructor.

Try to do your simple household works yourself, rather than depending on the maid. Simple household chores like dusting, dish washing, cooking, wiping or setting up your house can be easily done by you. This will make sure that your body bends and remains flexible and there is some workout happening.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids like fresh fruit juices. This will not only help in melting your body fat but also increase the flow of breast milk. Eight glasses of water are a must.

Women put on fat around their tummy post pregnancy. There is one more option – post pregnancy belt which is also called abdominal binder. These belts can be safely worn around the tummy after the delivery of the child which will help your tummy get back to shape. They also support your back and are good if you had a c-section.