The Dangers Of Online Dating

The Dangers Of Online DatingThe latest trend that is becoming popular among people residing especially in urban societies nowadays is none other than Online Dating.  Thanks to the advancement of technology and the affordability of more and more people using the Internet.

Online Dating is being resorted to by more people for meeting friends and interacting with them, without moving out of their house and enjoying all the benefits of staying at home through the means of the Internet.

While it is true that the barriers of time and distance or inter-personal meeting between the people are overcome easily through Online Dating, this new trend has its own disadvantages and inherent risks.  The most important disadvantage or risk of Online Dating is the anonymity of the persons interacting using the Internet.

the persons interacting using the InternetIn Online Dating, you may not know the other person nor have any means to confirm that what that person says is true or false.  In other words, the genuineness of the other person, either he or she, cannot be ascertained.  Secondly, the reasons or any other ulterior motive of the person willing to continue online dating with you is not clearly known.

The existence of anonymity among people engaged in online dating and ignorance of the ulterior motives, if any, of the other person in Online Dating are not the only risks in this new, yet popular trend.  There are other risks as well in this new-found Internet culture of Online Dating.

Online Dating is normally resorted to by two members of opposite sex – or simply between a man and a woman, one seeking the other and vice versa.  In this Online Dating, there is every possibility that a married man may register himself in the Dating Website as an unmarried man and a married woman might register herself as unmarried, taking advantage of anonymity.


a married woman might register herself as unmarriedWorse, a man might register himself as a woman and woman might register herself as a man in a dating site.  Taking advantage of the inherent weakness for men on the fairer sex, it has been discovered that many women lure men and open conversations deliberately to attract them towards them. After ascertaining that the man has fallen in the trap, she will ask for money.

man has fallen in the trap, she will ask for moneyOne more risk in online dating is that you will be asked to provide your e-mail address for more intimate correspondence.  If you fall in the trap and reveal the e-mail address, then your inbox will be filled with huge amount of dating scams, which you will find impossible to delete and may be forced to abandon using that e-mail to escape from the other party.

using that e-mail to escape from the other partyIdentity will not be revealed forever and the possibility of you getting cheated is much more.  Research reveals that a number of criminals and anti-social elements are frequent visitors to online dating sites.  The primary or most important aim of this Online Dating between a man and a woman is nothing but sexual abuse of the other sex.