The Efficiency of Japanese Hair Straightening

japanese straightningWith the many different hairstyles that are available for women, one of the most favorite out of all is straight hair. All over the world, women who have long hair love to get them straightened out as it gives a very classy and elegant look and it is easily manageable.

Straight hair is easy to deal with, when it comes to combing, washing, blow drying as well as when you would like to put it up as a pony tail. Most women go for permanent straightening of their natural hair to get that elegant look.

Japanese Hair Straightening

The Stunning Straight Hair That Every Woman Craves

With the introduction of new methods to straighten one’s hair permanently, women are booking appointments with their stylists to try out new different technologies.

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Out of the many different methods of straightening one’s hair permanently, the Japanese hair straightening method is a world renowned procedure. It is also known as thermal reconditioning and was created by the famous Yoko Yamashita.

The Famous Japanese Hair Straightening Method

This procedure started in its home country, Japan and soon after has spread to all parts of the world. With the help of chemicals, the hair is permanently straightened and the texture of the hair is smooth and silky. Many people worry about the damage that the chemicals can cause but in this kind of method, there is no need to be worried as the chemicals used are safe and do not have any harmful effects.

Steps On How To Straighten Hair The Japanese Way

In this process the hair is first washed and is dried enough, leaving the hair damp. After completing the same, the hair is then partitioned into different sections.

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Each of these sections is ironed with the help of an ironing tool. After ironing the sections are blow dried straight. After this, the special chemical treatment is applied onto the hair and the hair is completely replenished. The solution conditions the hair and restructures it so that you can style it in any way.

Important Factors About Japanese Hair Straightening

This procedure takes up to eight hours depending on the type of hair texture. The coarser the hair, the longer the chemical solution should be kept on the head. This method works even on the frizziest of hair that can be found. It lasts for up to three months at a stretch as the hair that grows back out is the natural hair that a person has. It also works on colored hair and does not cause color loss or hair loss.

After Care Of Japanese Straightening

For those who permanently straighten their hair by this method must ensure that they take care of their hair after it’s done. Firstly, the hair should not be subjected to strong hair sprays and conditioners. Mild shampoos should be used to keep the hair clean and silky. Herbal or organic shampoos and conditioners of the same company should be used to keep the hair safe. Regular combing and blow drying should be done to keep the hair straight and knot-free.

Japanese hair straightening is the best new method as it works better than other chemical methods. It not only straightens the curliest hair but it also keeps the hair shiny and lustrous unlike other chemical straightening methods. The texture of the hair after using such a method stays soft and smooth. This method is recommended out of all other methods and should be done at a salon as this cannot be done at home.