3 Benefits Of Using Bio-Oil

Using Bio-Oil

Everybody wants to look beautiful and perfect but they suffer from one or the other skin problems. Even if somebody has got a naturally beautiful skin, it tends to get damaged due to severe pollution and toxic things in our environment.

Acne, dark scars, pigmentation marks, stretch marks are common skin problems and can totally destroy our personality and appearance. We try various products to get rid of these skin problems, but very few of them prove to be effective.

In my search for a product, which can prove to be effective against these common skin problems, I discovered a new skin care product, which I incorporated into my daily skin care regimen, and I am now in love with it. So I thought to share the secrets of this bottle of miracle with everybody through this article.

What Is Bio-Oil?

Bio-oil is a type of skincare oil which claims to treat acne and its scars, remove fine lines and wrinkles and also claims to be effective against dry skin, stretch marks and signs of ageing.

This was developed in 1987 by Dieter Beier, the owner of Union Swiss, at that time. Dieter Beier believed that creams, which had the base of natural oils, worked best to treat skin problems, as compared to creams which had water base.

Therefore he launched this magic oil, called bio-oil. Bio-oil has received 70 awards related to skin care, and then became the no.1 selling skin care product.Bio oil is made by oils extracted from plants.

In this oil, the vitamins, essential for our skin are suspended. Bio-oil contains various essential oils, like essential oils of calendula, rosemary, chamomile and lavender. And apart from this, the skin-friendly oil also consists of vitamin A and E.

Vitamin E as we all know, helps to protect our skin and body from free radicals, and slows down the ageing process. Apart from this, vitamin E gears up the cell regeneration process, thereby replacing the older dead cell, to form new cells.

This process helps in removing various scars and marks from our body, and in providing an all together newer appearance.

Other than containing vitamins and various essential oils, bio-oil also consists of a trademarked ingredient, called PurCellin oil™, which makes the bio-oil very light and non-greasy and thus makes the oil very easy to absorb in the skin. In spite of all these things, there are various advantages and disadvantages of this oil. Some of them are


Benefits Of Using Bio-Oil

Stretch Marks

As bio-oil contains vitamin E, it proves to be very beneficial against stretch marks. Apart from pregnant women, body builders and persons who have suddenly put on a lot of weight can also get stretch marks.

Although bio-oil is proven to improve the condition of stretch marks, it can never completely remove the marks. This oil should be applied twice daily for at least three months, to get desired results.

Stretch Marks


Bio-oil also helps to fade away the scars, but it cannot completely remove them. If you apply the oil twice regularly for 3 months, you may get good results.


Signs Of Ageing

Bio-oil helps to moisturize and tighten the skin, thereby treating the fine lines and wrinkles, caused due to ageing.

Signs Of Ageing

Risks Of Using Bio-Oil

Acne And Acne Scars

Bio-oil may not prove to be very effective against acne, and may even increase the acne flares and acne scars. Although this viewpoint may vary, some people are very satisfied with bio-oil’s affect on acne, while some are very disappointed.

Acne And Acne Scars

Cause Of Cancer

Bio-oil contains BHT or Beta Hydroxy Acid, which may cause cancer and reproductive defects.