The Mascara


Eyes play a great role with regard to the look of the face.  Beautiful eyes fascinate the other person.  Properly made up eyes will enhance your overall beauty.  It will catch the attention of the onlooker who will be drawn towards you. Mascara
For the most appealing eye makeup, your most important makeup tool must be the mascara.  Mascara emphasizes your eye lashes.  Mascara highlights your eyes, adds color to the lashes.

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There are different types of mascara; therefore, choose the one which best suits your lashes and the occasion you are preparing for.  You will have to select from many; for e.g., thickening, lengthening, conditioning, long-wearing, and waterproof formulas.  You might prefer the length formula for daytime.

length formula

On the other hand, thickening or long-wearing formulas may suit the night time.  The color of mascara should be in accordance with your lashes.  This means brown mascara for blond or red lashes.  For darker lashes, the best suitable color for casual look is brown.  For more pronounced as well as dramatic lashes your option should be black or blown-black.

For good results, apply all other eye makeup before applying the mascara.  Then start applying mascara on the lashes, starting from roots to the tips.  The brush should slowly reach the upward of the tips of the lashes from undersides, ensuring that the brush tip remains away from the eye socket regions.  The separation of the lashes should be promoted properly.

before applying mascara

The process requires 2 to 3 coats of the mascara, the first one being light, ensure enough time for drying before next coat.  The eyelash comb and tissue are necessary.  Holding wand vertically in case of lower lashes with less of mascara is good.  The stray and extra mascara around the eye should be wiped out with cotton swab soaked by eye makeup remover.

Please make sure that you remove the eye make up thoroughly before sleep.  For excessive amount of mascara, always use the tissue.  For avoiding clumps, placing your mascara in hot water is recommended.  Do not be stuck with just one color, be adventurous.  Use various colors, experiment with colors such as brown, green, or navy for the proper dramatic effect.

remove eye makeup