The Myriad Uses Of Milk In Beauty Treatments

Milk is one of those items available in the kitchen which can not only be used in a variety of ways inside a kitchen but outside as well. It is a nourishing food, an important ingredient in many dishes and drinks and also one of the most easily available and effective beauty treatment.

Beauty Treatments

Milk can be used as a cleanser. Pour some in the saucer and dip a cotton wad into it and use it to apply on your skin. Apply it on the face and the neck after you have washed them thoroughly with water. Pat the wool on unreachable folds to allow the milk to seep into the skin. Wait till it gets dry. When you wash it off after it has dried thoroughly, you will find that the skin has become suppler.In case you have dry, brittle or damaged hair, applying milk on the scalp has been known not only to nourish the skin of the scalp and cleanse it, but also acts as a treatment for the damaged hair and supplying them with the required nourishment to keep those locks looking beautiful.

You can also use milk as a face mask. Draw cream out of it and take a spoonful of that cream and mix it with 2 table spoons of honey and lemon juice. This mixture can then be applied on the face and be kept there as an effective facemask, that will add the required moisture and nutrients to the face.


Milk is also used as a bleach to help you lighten your complexion. To a cup of milk, add one spoonful of honey and orange juice. Wash your face regularly by this mixture. It is a mild, non-corroding and effective treatment for bleaching the skin.Buttermilk is known to be a treatment for sunburn, and it can also be used to cure itching caused due to any skin diseases. Apply cloth pad soaked with milk on to the skin suffering from eczema. It is an effective treatment for the disease.Boil milk, scrape it from the side of the vessel, mix it with rose water and honey and apply it on the face. It will help you tighten the skin.