The Process Of Healing Scars And Vitamin A

vitamins-to-boost-your-memoryThe body is a complex whole. It simply stuns us with its capacity to recoup and regenerate after an illness. If there is an injury to the tissue, the body can repair it by itself. This happens when the nearby connective tissue, Stroma, kicks into the repair process.

These connective tissues contain fibroblasts. These are cells that form the base or the fibres and matrix for tissue repair. The matrix can be fluid or hard based on if it the blood or bone. These fibroblasts then replicate the tissues by using collagen and the matrix. This is called the scar tissue.

The scar tissue lacks the properties of the original tissue. They are formed by the process of fibrosis. They are not however made up of the specialised cells. These specialised cells are what constituted the original tissue and gave them their distinctive properties. As a result, they are slightly different in appearance and performance capabilities.

The key to repairing the tissue back to its original state is a function of the parenchymal cells. These are cells from the areas of the undamaged part of the body involved in the injury. For instance, the abdominal cells are involved in the event of surgery on your abdomen.

It must be understood that the body has a multitude of cells; each cell having its own specific function. This is what causes the various organs to perform their unique functions in the body. The healing process has to be close to the original to help the body perform the tasks erstwhile possible by that organ.

Role of Vitamin A in Healing scars

Vitamins are useful in the healing process. They are used as nutritional aids in the recovery process. They hasten and speed up the process. All cells are composed of Protein, so protein is important for the recovery process. Vitamins also offer a range of benefits. Vitamin A is useful for replacement of the epithelial tissue. Vitamin C increases collagen production and forming new blood vessels. Vitamin B acts as coenzymes.

Vitamin K is used for blood clotting. Each Vitamin has a part to play in the healing process. It is believed that Vitamin A ingested as a supplement is a better option for healing than being topically applied on wounds. Manuka honey is believed to have curative properties when applied on wounds. They reduce the appearance and scars.