The Process Of Laser For Hair Removal

laser hair removalHair removal for cosmetic cause has been pursued since long by women and lately even by men, and includes primeval processes of waxing, stone scrubbing and even razor shaving. With the advent of technological changes in the beauty domain, there has been the simple, easy, and highly effective process of laser for hair removal.

It kills the hair follicle at the root and basically is a non surgical treatment. Rays are used to damage the follicle roots and in this way, the growth of dark and coarse hair is reduced to considerable limits, that too permanently.

This process of permanent hair reduction is safe and commonly used but it is imperative that when you go to get it done, you check the license and skills of the service provider or plastic surgeon of the Parlor or clinic respectively.

Laser For Hair Removal

The Process

The process generally covers 4-6 sessions. The effect is seen anywhere between 2 to 6 sittings, depending on the hair thickness and color. The darker and thicker, the faster the laser treatment works. Some people may also take around 10 sittings of the hair removal process to respond. The process is painless as the skin is generally made numb and then the rays are poured on.

laser process

The effects are better and long lasting than most of the other hair removal ways. Also, the pricing is high and affordable by not all, as the treatment involves highly skilled workers and costly equipments. A good way of getting rid of such unwanted growth as body hairs, be it facial hairs, hair on the hand or legs, underarms or, the bikini area hair.

Advantages of Use of Laser For Hair Removal

There are certain advantages that you will experience in case you have decided to undergo this treatment. It is safe, effective, permanent, and a good fight to the hormonal challenges that cause overgrowth in case of some women.

hair removal

Anyone using the process is safe from a number of anticipated threats like burning of skin, any damage to underlying organs or the sebaceous glands or any danger of contracting cancer or of damaging one’s embryonic development.

Side Effects of The Treatment

This way of hair removal has some side effects too like the danger of getting skin rashes and burns, contracting sunburns if exposed to the sun, swelling of the skin or organs due to excessive retention of fluid, darkening or lightening of the user’s skin, and sometimes some infection too.

side effects

The patients detected to be susceptible to skin discoloration or having white or gray hairs and also pregnant women, must consult a doctor before going for it. Though, most of these occur only when someone displays carelessness. So, protect your skin, sanitize and moisturize it to, for it to stay healthy.

Types of The Process of Laser Hair removal

The three common types of permanent reduction are namely – ruby, alexandrite and diode. Ruby is used for very pale skin and is being recently replaced by alexandrite for darker shades of skin and diode for pale and medium skin shades. These are all differently priced, too.