The Right Bangs For Your Oval Face Shape

Bangs can make you look really chic and take many years off your age. They can look great on any face shape and  add that edginess to any simple hairstyle. Getting the right bangs for your shape is a real challenge as wrong bangs can be quite tiresome and you will have to hide them with hair clips or headbands till they grow back.

If you have an oval shaped face and you are considering getting some bangs, you don’t have to worry too much about getting it right. Most hairstyles go well on oval shaped faces. Check out these bang styles that will work perfectly on your oval face.

The Right Bangs For Your Oval Face Shape

Side-Swept Bangs

Oval shaped faces are very well balanced and most hairstyle looks good on them. But, the wrong bangs can really upset this balance.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are perfect for your oval face, but do keep in mind that the bangs are not too heavy. This will hide your face and features, and give you a harsh look. Get light, side swept bangs that cover your forehead partially and make you look soft and dainty.

Soft, Wispy Bangs With Some Height

Soft, wispy bangs look great on oval faces with very short cropped hairstyles. The layered and textured hair gives an impression of height, and is ideal for shorter women to give that added height.

whispy bangs

Soft, wispy bangs that end a little above the eyebrows, give a very youthful appearance. This style helps emphasize your eyes and arched eyebrows.

Blunt Cut Short Bangs

You are lucky to have that oval face as most hairstyles look good on your face. Blunt cut short bangs also look great on oval faces if you have slightly thicker hair.

blunt cut

Many women with oval faces make the mistake of keeping the bangs till the eyebrows. Avoid doing this as it makes your face look too heavy and spoils its symmetry.

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Billowy Fringe

If you have an oval shaped face and your hair are quite thin, then a billowy bang will work best on your face. Keep more hair on the sides as it will help add volume and emphasize the shape of your face. This look gives a windswept effect and makes you look really cool. It is an easy to maintain hairstyles where you don’t have to worry about the bangs going in any direction.

Straight Across The Face

Straight Across The Face

These bangs are sported by Halle Berry who has the most perfect oval shaped face. This cut gives you a stylish and modern look, and is very easy to maintain. The bangs are cut straight across the face just below the eyebrows and help to hide a large forehead and soften a pointed chin. You can use highlights on the bangs to get a dramatic effect.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs add a classic and elegant look to oval shaped faces. So, if you have an oval shape and thin hair, go ahead and try these bangs as they help add volume and make your hair look thicker. Get your stylist to keep the layers shorter in the middle of your forehead and a little longer at the edge of your face.