The Right Bra For Nursing Mothers

nursing-braAfter the birth of a child, most new mothers prefer to breastfeed their baby for at least a few months, and longer if possible.  Breastfeeding has many advantages, not least of which is that it provides immunity for the baby from several illnesses.  Emotionally, few experiences match the bond that develops while a mother nurses her infant. 

Nursing often takes an hour or more, and takes place several times a day (and night).  It’s important to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both you and your baby.  One item that provides comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury is the nursing bra.  This innovation comes in a variety of styles which affect the comfort and fit, so you will want to become familiar with the choices available before making your selection.

Soft cup bras

Choose a soft cup bra that is a bra without wiring for support.  The support comes from the fabric and lining used in the construction of the garment.  As you might guess, a soft cup bra is hugely popular with women, whether they are breastfeeding or not.  They provide comfort, support, and a smooth look under clothes. Soft cup nursing styles offer bras with or without flaps in the cup.

Underwired bras

Women have a love/hate relationship with underwired bras.  In a non-nursing environment, they provide great cleavage, and are great for women who need a lot of support.  For some nursing women, they may be a requirement.  Many women experience a large increase in breast size while pregnant and nursing.

The extra support of an underwired bra is very welcome to them.  However, the underwired bra is difficult to fit properly, and you may want to go to a lingerie store to be professionally fitted.  The wire can dig into the underside of the breast, and critics warn against sleeping in an underwired bra.  They claim the undue pressure caused by the bra may be linked to blocked ducts and mastitis.

Seamless bras

New fabrics, such as superior Lycra blends or microfibres make the seamless bra possible.  They are beautiful.  Virtually invisible beneath clothing, these bras offer superb support and style.  The bras are slightly elastic, which makes for a great fit, even if your breast size changes. There are seamless bras available with either a soft cup or an underwire.  The smooth line of a seamless bra depends on a great fit, so make sure you have the right size.  Also available are seamless bras with a flap for easy access for breastfeeding.