The Right Pair of Jeans For Women

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

The Right Pair Of Jeans For WomenA pair of jeans is an ever-green outfit. Absolutely stylish, comfortable and super chic, jeans are never out of fashion. Women of every shape, size and built prefer to keep at least a single pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Whether teamed up with a short top, a spaghetti, a t-shirt or even a kurti, jeans look infallibly awesome. Be it a party or a night club or a day- out with friends, a pair of jeans always works wonders.

Gone are the days, when fatter women couldn’t even think of carrying a pair of jeans without catching a lot of unsolicited attention. Markets, these days, are flooded with a huge variety of jeans catering to almost every built.

But women should be reasonably careful while picking a pair for themselves, considering a few essential factors. Presented below are a few kinds of jeans which women can go for as per their body type.

Tips For Finding That Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Slim Fit

If you have a petite body structure, with slim thighs, slim fit jeans are the ones for you.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

Hugging your legs, not only do they accentuate your sultry legs but also make you look ultra-modern and stylish.

Straight Jeans

Such jeans do not hug your legs; rather go down calves a little loose. They can be sported by a woman of medium built as they do nothing extra to accentuate or hide flesh from the legs.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

A pair of straight jeans, worn with a decent t-shirt completes the look. The simple look, however, can be pepped up with a stylish halter or a tube top and necessary accessorising.

Ankle Length

These jeans are very much in vogue now-a-days.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

Primarily preferred by thinner women, they look great with a loosely fitted top. Ankle length jeans also look nice with small kurtis and can be worn by women having a little flab on hips and thighs.

Coloured Jeans

Almost a retro style, but jeans in various colours are gaining popularity among young college-going gals. From sober colours like white or grey to almost garish colours like orange, magenta and pink, girls can be found sporting jeans in a multitude of colours.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

However, gals on a heavier side can be a little cautious with their choice of colour as light shades like white and cream make one look fatter.

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A mix of leggings and jeans, jeggings are a pair of stylish, stretchable jeans which are body hugging and superbly comfortable.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

They give a perfect mix of formal or party look, if teamed up with the right top and accessories. They are also used by women stylishly during work-out.

Wide Bottom Jeans

A little broader at the ends, wide bottom jeans are the safest bet for women with a heavy bottom.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women

Adding volume to the jeans at the ankles, they tend to tone down the heavy lower half of women.

High-Waist Jeans

Contrary to the low-waist jeans in fashion now-a-days, high-waist jeans are a perfect outfit for women with flab on tummy. Tucking the tummy in, they nullify the effect of the bulging fat.

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Women
Although picking a pair of jeans as per the body type is a smart way of concealing the fat for women, wearing long tops,Fs, broad belts and jackets are also a few other ways of mellowing down the oozing fat. They also spice up an otherwise boring look. So gals, brush your inhibitions aside and dress up the way you like.