The Secret Of Long, Healthy Fast Growing Nails

Healthy Fast Growing Nails

A good impression is always assured when you have well groomed nails. Nail growth is sometimes a struggle. Here are some handy tips to acquiring healthy and beautiful nails quickly.


Salt and boiled water.

Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream from Burt.

Manicure set.

Soft gel capsules of Vitamin E.

Nail polish called ‘Hard as a Nail’ from Sally Hansen.

Do not chip or bite your nails. The overall unattractive appearance and slow growth of your nails could be due to this habit. Additionally chipping your nails could cause them to break.

Do not chip or bite your nails

Prepare a bath of salt water for the nails. Daily or every other day at bedtime, prepares a bath of salt water to immerse your nails. Pour in 2 tsp of salt into boiled water, stir and immerse your hands when water is lukewarm. Salt provides nourishment for nails strengthens and speeds up growth.

Salt water for the nails

When you have immersed your hands in the salt water for ten or fifteen minutes, take out your manicure set. Remove the cuticles. Take care that you don’t cut in to the bed of your nail. Use a nail buffer to remove any unevenness and buff the rest of the cuticle. A nail file can be used to either round or square the shape of your nails.

When you have completed this procedure, make an application of Burt’s Bees Butter Lemon Cuticle Cream. A great product, this provides nourishment to the nails. You must be sure to massage and rub the cream in to the nails for a little while, which aids in the rapid growth of nails. Break open a soft gel capsule of Vitamin E, apply the oil into your nails and massage in.

Burt’s Bees Butter Lemon Cuticle Cream

Keep a nail file and buffer in your handbag to use in case you chip or break a nail so that you can prevent further peeling or breaking. After hand washing always dry the hands. Wet hands allowed to dry on their own will cause your nails to dehydrate and result in peeling.

After hand washing always dry the hands