The Slide Cutting Trend

The Slide Cutting Trend

A good hairstylist is always learning new techniques to better their personal business. Even if there is not a new cutting trend, hairstylists should be brushing up on their hair cutting and styling techniques. One hair cutting technique that all stylists should be proficient in is slide cutting.

Before even beginning slide cutting the hairstylist needs to make sure that he or she has the proper tools to do the job; specifically the proper scissors. Slide cutting is a complex art that requires very precise cuts made by precision scissors.

Precision scissors stand out because they are convex in shape. Because of their specialty, a hairstylist can expect to spend up to $600 on a pair. There are surely less expensive scissors but the stylist who buys a less expensive pair risks not getting an authentic pair and therefore jeopardizing his or her cut. And when the cut is bad, word gets out and customers become unhappy.

Precision scissors can be used for any hairstyle that uses an shears method.  Because these types of scissors have a fine edge, the haircut is softer. Precision scissors are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. Even dropping them on the ground can cause the edges to chip.

Precision scissors

They also need to be well maintained. The hairstylist should choose precision scissors made of stainless steel or out of a cobalt alloy. A stainless steel scissor can do delicate work while a pair of scissors made out of cobalt alloy can handle heavier cutting.

Precision scissors are valuable because they enable the hairstylist to keep the line of their cut even as they cut through the thicker sections of hair. Slide cutting is not equivalent to a feathering technique or slicing technique. These two techniques require their own type of scissors. Slide cutting is used to create movement and softness in a hairstyle. This type of cutting works best on people who have thick or coarse hair. But because of their versatility they can work on people with fine hair.

Use Precision scissors

Precision scissors need to be kept sharp. The hair should be cut when it is dry so that the stylist has a better idea of just how bulky the hair is and what the final cut will look like. When working with precision scissors the scissors should be kept open about one-third of the way at a thirty degree angle. Keep the cutting stroke smooth and even. Do not work close to the scalp or base line of the hair. Practice definitely makes perfect.

Keep the cutting stroke smooth and even