The Top Natural Cures For Dizziness

DizzinessDizziness is a common complaint felt by both men and women during illness, vertigo or even pregnancy. This happens when your body increases its volume of blood. Heart rate increases to pump more blood into the body.

As a result you may experience a sudden surge in blood pressure levels as the blood rushes to the brain. This may cause a wave or spell of dizziness to occur. Most of the time our cardiovascular and nervous systems adapt well to the change. However, when they struggle to adapt, the person may suffer from bouts of dizziness. Dizziness can be dangerous as it can restrict your mobility and cause accidents. Here are some natural cures to tackle dizziness.

The Top Natural Cures For Dizziness


Try to take as much rest as possible whenever you suffer from bouts of dizziness. Lie down if you feel dizzy as it will prevent you from falling and hurting yourself.


If dizziness is a common experience, never go alone anywhere. Take someone with you who can help and support you if you do get an attack of dizziness.

Lying on The Left Side

Try to lie down on your left as it helps to increase blood flow to the brain and prevents you from feeling light headed and dizzy. Another important thing to remember is to not get up too quickly as this could cause a sudden rush of blood to your brain which in turn may lead to dizziness.

Drink Fluids

Drink fluids

Dehydration and the vicious heat may be another reason why dizziness may occur. Make sure you drink enough fluids throughout the day to keep yourself and your body hydrated. Drink water, soups and healthy fruit juices all of which are important for giving vital nutrition to the body.

Eat Well

Hunger and dizziness do not go well together. It is hardly a good idea to be on your feet all day long and also to be skipping meals and snacks.

Eat Well

Make it a point to eat every 2 hours. If you are still working, take enough snacks with you to munch on while you are in office. Hunger and fatigue can exacerbate dizziness or precipitate an attack.

Do Not Lie On Your Back

In case of obese patients, lying on your back causes the extra weight to put pressure on your major veins and this cuts off the blood supply to the brain from the heart. It is also not good for your back. Lie on your side or in whatever position that you find comfortable.

Spinach And Organ Meats To The Rescue

Anemia may be making you lightheaded and dizzy. Get your hemoglobin levels checked and increase the amount of iron in your diet. In case needed extra iron may be prescribed by the doctor as seen fit.


Being iron deficient during your pregnancy is not a good idea and needs to be remedied effectively. Try to eat raisins, organ meats and green, leafy veggies like spinach all of which are high on iron.

Stay Cool

Excessive heat too can cause you to feel dizzy and light headed. Wear loose cotton clothes, stay in the air conditioner and have plenty of cool drinks to stay energized. Applying ice packs can help too. With the help of these tips, dizziness can be overcome. If your symptoms persist, do not hesitate to see a doctor.