The Trendy Wet Look Hairstyles

The Trendy Wet Look Hairstyles

The best thing about the wet look hair styles is that they require minimal effort in comparison with the other styles and the stronger the wet look, the bigger the appeal of the wet hairstyle. If you have a hairstyle that can be made to look wet and can still be seen as stylish, then here are some tips for you to maintain a wet look style.

If you have locks and want a wet look with them, then apply moisturizing hair gel on separate locks instead on the entire hair. This is going to give you tousled and slick locks which will appear separately and will give you that sea like wet looks.

Apply the moisturizing agent on the hair at the base of the neck and then make a sleek high ponytail. Apply a different styling product on the separate locks of the ponytail. This will not just give the ponytail the wet look but also the hair underneath it rendering a stylish look that is one of the easiest to sport.

Apply the moisturizing agent

Dampen your hair from the hairline to the crown and apply gel or any moisturizing agent to give it the wet look. This style suits best on long hair or at least the hair should be of shoulder length to help see the effect. After the hair on the top has got the wet look, then either comb it by a wide toothed comb or by fingers. Let the rest of the hair dry in air. This is a wet look style that is simple and is best suited for executive looks and corporate offices.

Wet look style

The last one is for long hair only. On damp hair apply a lot of serum and then apply iron. Wet hair and serum will help prevent the heat of iron from damaging the hair. Use the iron from top to bottom and work on different sections of the hair. This will help straighten your hair. Then wash your hair and apply the wet look moisturizer only on hair starting from the crown down its entire length. Do not apply it on the top of the hair. With wavy, bouncy hair on top, you will have wet straight hair at the back which looks extremely stylish.

Wet look straighten your hair