6 Various Ways To Avoid Depression

6 Various Ways To Avoid Depression

Depression is normally caused by an imbalance in a neurotransmitter in the brain called as serotonin. While conventional medicine prescribes the use of anti-depressants and psychotherapy to treat cases of acute depression, these are often fraught with unpleasant medication side effects and the unlikely probability of drug failure in curing very severe cases of depression.

Under such circumstances a modest approach which includes lifestyle modification and consumption of a healthy diet, may come to the rescue of most patients.By boosting your consumption of these key foods and changing your lifestyle factors, you might be doing yourself a huge favour. Here are some of the ways by which you can avoid and tackle depression.

Ways To Avoid Depression

Fish Oils

Fish oils can be consumed in the form of capsules. The best way to consume these vital omega-3 fatty acids is by eating generous quantities of fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. These have been found to be effective in tackling depression. People who take just one gram of fish oil everyday noticed a clear cut reduction in their symptoms especially, marked symptoms like <aanxiety,sleep disorders, suicidal thoughts and decreased sex drive. Other sources of fatty acids are walnuts, avocadoes, flaxseeds and olive oil all of which are great for curtailing depressive episodes.
fish oil

Seek Friendships

People who stay isolated tend to be more depressed than others. It is important to seek healthy friendships and surround yourself with positive and inspiring people.These people will always offer you a shoulder for comfort and keep your mood upbeat and cheerful.
seek frienship


Make sure you incorporate some amount of exercise in your regimen to curb and beat depression.Exercise releases the feel good hormones called as endorphins which help to lift a dull and depressed mood. People who exercise regularly tend to be less depressed than people who don’t.



Meditation improves mental clarity and focus and helps your mind to be removed from negative and depressed thoughts. Aim to meditate at least once a day for positive mental health and well being.


An Antioxidant Rich Diet

Free radicals are damaging molecules that are produced by the body during its normal functioning and processes. These tend to do a lot of untold damage to the brain leading to premature aging, cognitive impairment, dementia and depression. By curtailing the amount of free radicals, you are also likely to ward off depression.

food to eat

This can be done by consuming a diet that is high on antioxidants. These include fruits and veggies. Have pumpkins, spinach, berries, guavas, apples, pears, strawberries, tomatoes and nuts/seeds all of which provide a good dose of anti-oxidants in the body. These in turn keep the body free of toxins and help to elevate the mood.

Protein Rich Foods To Boost Mental Alertness

Make sure you eat protein rich foods like tuna, chicken, lean cuts of meat and eggs to get your daily quota of protein. A protein rich diet rids you of depression and improves memory retention, concentration and focus. Protein is also calorie dense, thus making you feel fuller for longer periods and elevating the energy levels of a person.


Yoghurt, low fat cottage cheese, cheese and whole beans are good vegetarian sources of protein. By following these steps, you will keep yourself healthy, cheerful and depression free. Mental well being and calmness is greatly improved by the right kind of attitude, exercise and diet.