Things To Consider Before Getting Committed

ready for commitment

ready for commitmentLove At First Sight

Love at first sight, love, seeing someone, dating, relationship, commitment, live in relationship and marriage all are inter connected. Most of the things are related to each other or else we could even say they all inter connected because loving being loved and giving yourself to someone all follow a pattern.

First we meet someone it can be a love at first sight or may be through a friend a friend of friend or nowadays the so called famous dating sites that promise to make you find your soul mate. Once we meet someone and like him we start dating him, seeing him at frequent intervals, going out etc etc.

Finally we find that this guy is no usual friend and he means more than a friend to you so you both finally tell each other your feelings and if the feelings are mutual you declare than you have fallen in love and are in a relationship. Till these part things are pretty easy, the difficult part starts when you start thinking about future, weather what you two have is ever lasting? Will it be a long term relation? Should you move in? And finally the big question, are you ready to get committed??

Commitment Means:

Commitment means different things for different people for some getting into a relation means commitment but its true meaning is to completely surrender yourself to someone whom you think is capable of loving you, taking good care of you and be by your side at each and every situation be it good or bad.

In a relationship you just give the other person an assurance of your feeling but when you commit yourself you find yourself with the other person and try and see your future along with him forever. This is a very difficult decision and it is on the basis of this decision that your future rests upon. One wrong step can change the complete course of your life. So don’t be irrational, think before you act and let a combination of heart and brains lead your path.

Normal Questions That Arises:

It is very normal to first ask yourself a set of questions like are you really ready to commit yourself truly to this guy? Do you think your love is a long lasting admiration based on real terms? Is this the perfect age to get you committed? Is he the right person?

Firstly you should know that there are two kinds of love. One that is a infatuation which is basically a attraction towards a person who is out of your league, a person who basically represents a figure , a personality totally different from you and it is these dissimilarities can make you think that he is perfect.

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But the truth is that it is not perfect only different and unreal rather just a passing attraction which would faint with time. The second kind of love is the true love with a person who is stable, mature, loves you, adores you and helps you and stays with you in the worst of times. The one who doesn’t run away in times of need is your true love. And it is said that you should always get committed to a person who loves you more and not to a person whom you love.

Secondly you should always try to understand, check and may be cross check the nature, behavior and the soul of the person you are going to commit yourself to. Analyze all his negative aspects and value  all his positive side, try and see yourself five years down the lane and figure out what your future shall be.

Would you be able to live with his bad habits and tolerate them, would he appreciate your qualities and help you get rid of your flaws? Are you both strong enough financially, are you comfortable with each other and can avoid fights? Can you both hold each other in the worst of times which might come?

Thirdly you should know that are you taking the biggest step of your life at the right stage. Right stage has got nothing to with right age, there is no hard and bound rule that you can only get committed if you are 25, but the decision and the faith of the decision largely depend on the right stage.

According to me the right stage for the decision is when you know that you are financially, mentally and socially stable. When you know that you have achieved all your dreams and now the only dream you have is related to your Mr. Perfect and you are ready to surrender yourself happily in his arms. Before making the biggest leap of faith you need to be independent, standing on your legs and have a independent identity, you should not be dependent on your beau for your social rank.

Is Mr Perfect Ready?

Lastly you should consult your parents, your friends and even your beau’s friend, get their opinion take all sorts of advice. Think it all over. Try and understand situations which might come. Try and understand their point of view. See things from their perspective try and get their opinions about your choice.

Argue their objections and then finally do what you think is right. You can take advice from everyone but finally do what you feel is right. Never depend on anyone for the decision of your life. At the end of the day you have to live with it and once the decision is made you can’t blame anyone for its bad nor will you go forward and thank anyone for the good effects of the decision.

Finally if you know that that you are pretty confident about your answers and you think that whatever decision you take today the only person who would be responsible for future consequences shall be you. Then you are pretty ready to get committed. Committed lives are fun and contend. It would be just the way you make it. So think positive and you shall find happiness to following you.