This Years Winter Wardrobe

This Years Winter WardrobeVariety is the spice of life. Therefore we have four distinct variety of seasons to changes our daily routines accordingly.The food choice changes with season and so does our attire.

So this winter, add style to your winter wardrobe.

Here are some of the must-haves for this year’s winter wardrobe.

Get those mufflers out. You may choose from many varieties of mufflers.
The broad woolen types or the thin mufflers made of silk wool, etc.
The people with short height should choose thinner and smaller mufflers.
The taller may try out broader and longer ones.

MufflersMufflers go great with V-necked sweaters or turtle necks.
Avoid wearing a muffler with collar bearing sweaters.
A turtle neck sweater is must!
The additional advantage being it will hide all neck fat that you may
have put on thriving on heavy winter meals.

Mufflers go great with V-necked sweatersNext on the list is a long over coat.
Once again, you will have great variety to choose from.
Overcoats are available in material such as woolen, fur or synthetic choices.
Combined with skin hugging turtle necks, the over coats simply add that extra
attitude to your personality.

Overcoats with skin hugging turtle necksA nice pair of blue jeans. This is something which can never go out of fashion.
Any day ,Simply grab a nice pair of blue jeans, combines with your white cardigan
and black over coat and you are ready to attend professional meetings, lunch out
at a local restaurant or even hit the movie theatre.

A nice pair of blue jeansBoots! You may hide all you flab but one thing worth showing off should be your boots.
High heeled boots are so in! This year they have broken the classic black code
and are available in variety of colours.
But the boots accessorized with chains are so out of fashion.
Avoid them at all costs.
Pastel shades of cream, deep maroon and dirty green and hot picks of the season.