3 Main Stages Of Pregnancy

Main Stages Of PregnancyPregnancy is one of the most different and wonderful experiences of a woman’s life. Pregnancy usually lasts for about 40 weeks. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters each usually of about 3 months. The baby develops and grows in these three trimesters and proper care and rest should be taken by the expectant lady.

Stages of Pregnancy

First Trimester

These are the first three months of the pregnancy. During these three months a woman’s body goes through the maximum changes. The most common change being the hormonal changes. Hormonal changes take place in almost every organ of the body. These changes can lead to clear symptoms of pregnancy in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Due to all these changes in a woman’s body the first trimester is usually the most difficult trimester during pregnancy.

Other changes during the first trimester are morning sickness which includes nausea and vomiting, extreme tiredness, mood swings, stomach upset and constipation, headache, gas or acidity, weight gain or loss, change in taste and smell along with discomfort from certain food items and smell. A pregnant lady will have to change her routine according to her body and according to her comfort levels. As her pregnancy progresses the discomforts will also exit. Some women may not have any discomfort.

Symptoms of pregnancy1Second Trimester

Second trimester is usually easier than the first. A pregnant lady will realize that slowly as time passes her many discomforts are beginning to exit and she will be more relaxed. Nausea and fatigue will go away. During the second trimester other noticeable changes take place in a woman’s body.

The abdomen will begin to expand as the baby grows and the expecting lady will put on a little weight also. The best part being that before this trimester ends you will feel your baby move. Other changes like back and abdomen pain, body ache, patches of a darker skin on your face, cheeks, forehead, nose or upper lips, itching of palms, abdomen or feet, swelling of body parts like hands, ankles or face.

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Third Trimester

This is the last trimester or stage of pregnancy. In this stage some of the discomforts of the second trimester of pregnancy prevail. The baby bump becomes very evident in this stage. Many women have breathing problems in this stage and even have to use the washroom very often. These problems occur because the baby is growing and putting more pressure on your organs.

There is nothing to worry about and once the baby is born these problems will also decrease. In this stage false labor pain may also occur. Other problems such as trouble in sleeping, baby drooping or the baby moving in the lower abdomen, swelling in ankles, face or hands may also occur.

Once the baby is born all these problems and discomforts decrease and slowly exit. Birth of a baby is the most beautiful and exciting experiences of a woman’s life so just enjoy and live the beautiful moment. With the new born baby in your hands you will automatically feel elated and different.

False labor pain