Three Rules You Cannot Ignore When Dating For Love

Three Rules You Cannot Ignore When Dating For Love

Three Rules You Cannot Ignore When Dating For LoveBack in the good old days, when men and women dated, the prime aim was to find true love. Over the years though, this concept changed. Dating has taken on a new form, wherein the prime aim of the game is to merely find somebody who shares common interests to hang out with or someone to hook up with for a short while.

As a result, the rules of dating have changed. To protect one’s own interests has become necessary, to remain safe. The rules laid down for dating for love are different from those for fun dating. Here is a brief look at how one can find true love online and yet protect themselves from any devastating and untoward experience.

Three Rules When Dating Your Love

The Lesser Said, The Better

The Internet is not a safe haven for people on the lookout for an online date. As a rule, therefore, it is important that one divulge as few details about themselves, as possible. This is especially true if you are looking for love. The reason for this is that unlike fun dating, when you eventually find true love online, you are going to want to take things further and meet him.

Three Rules When Dating Your Love

If you have made a bad judgement call and the person that you thought would be the right man for you turns out to be a stalker or a pervert, he will have access to you. Therefore, personal information such as your full name, phone number, place of work, home and office addresses and bank accounts should not be divulged online.

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Run A Background Check On Him

When you find the perfect man, chances are that you will be so in awe of him or so madly in love with him that all these emotions will cloud your mind and your judgement. If you let this happen, you could be letting yourself in for trouble. Instead, stay focused.

Remember that you do not really know this man and that until you run a thorough background check on him, he is and will remain just another face on the Internet. Remember, if he sounds too good to be true, he probably is. Ask questions about him, find out as much as you can about his background.

Dating Your Love

Run a background check on him through one or more of the several agencies that will be willing to do this for you for a fee. You do not need to let him know that you are running a check on him. However, if he does find out that you are indeed doing a bit of detective work on the side, it should not bother him if he has nothing to hide.

Keep Yourself Safe

Once you are sure that the personal details he has provided you are indeed true and you both feel good about each other, you would probably want to meet each other. Again, even if the two of you are very much in love, it is important to remember that your safety comes first. Therefore, the first few times you meet him, do so in a public place. Do not invite him over to your apartment – this is especially true if you stay alone.

A romantic dinner is fine as long as it is in a restaurant that is not situated in a secluded place. This is only until you are sure that he is safe and can be trusted. Once this is done, there is no stopping the two of you from taking your relationship from one level to the next.