Three Short Hairdos For Women

Three Short Hairdos For Women

Hairdo is a synonym for haircut. A woman’s hairdo has become equally important as her dress or accessories. Women either prefer to keep their hair short or long. Earlier people used to think that it is not very feminine for a woman to keep her hair short. On the contrary, these days a lot of women keep their hairstyle short. It is much easier to manage short hair over long hair.

Some women also feel that short hair suits their facial features and personality better than long hair. A lot of celebrities are seen flaunting their short hairdos these days. Later the same hairdos have become the most trendy and stylish hairstyles. Hence, a person can say that short hairstyles for women are no longer a taboo. Many short hairdos are in fashion these days and a woman can opt for whichever she feels looks best on her face.

Stylish Short Hairdos for Women


One can easily relate this hairdo to the popular celebrity Rihanna. She is one of the celebrities of the recent times who has been seen flaunting this hairdo.

Three Short Hairdos For Women

The pixie hairstyle is the one in which hair of a woman is generally cropped short from the sides and bottom of the head while it is left slightly longer on the top. The pixie hairstyle can be made as short as the woman desires. It sports a casual as well as a formal look, depending on the occasion and how the woman is dressed up.


Bob hairstyle is one of the latest flares prevailing in the short hairdo. It is one of the most fashionable and trendy hairdos. Any woman with this hairdo is bound to set a trend. It is in this hairstyle that a woman’s hairstyle is cut straight around the head at about jaw level of a woman.

A bob hairstyle may or may not be accompanied by a fringe in the front. A fringe is usually given to those women who the hair stylish feels will be able to carry it off in the right attitude. A bob hairstyle can also be made wavy or curly, depending on what a woman wants. A bob hairstyle was initially termed as a very “western” hairstyle but with time this has passed out. Now women carry off this hairstyle very confidently and smartly.

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Bangs are fringes in your hairdo. These fringes fall over a woman’s forehead. A woman can opt for uniform fringes, that is, they are evenly cut throughout the length of a girl’s forehead or she can opt for side fringes. Side fringes are usually fringes either on the left side or the right side. It depends on which suits a woman.

Three Short Hairdos For Women

The bottom of the hair is chopped short. It is chopped till the length the woman desires. This is a very cool and trendy cut. A woman can always pin up her bangs in a number of ways and styles. She can also put a fancy hair band on her head to give greater emphasis to her hairstyle.

A short hairdo should always be done keeping a few things in mind. It is very important that the cut opted by a woman goes well with her facial features and the cut of her face. A woman can streak or color her hair to highlight it and make it look more attractive. A short hairstyle gives a very smart and sophisticated look.

Most women carry it off with a lot of elegance. Always be confident on how your hair is looking, rather than being nervous and fiddling with it. Always opt for a short hairdo which you are confident of and can carry it off because once your hair is cut nothing can be done till it grows back.