Three Ways to Gain Freedom from Frizzy Hair

Gain Freedom from Frizzy Hair

Gain Freedom from Frizzy HairIf you have frizzy hair, you just cannot tame it, and possibly, you are upset over the way your hair behaves. You may find that a number of hair care products that you have tried to use are of no avail.

This means you require some other treatment to free yourself from frizzy hair. When the condition in which your hair behaves bothers you continuously, why don’t you try the following three methods, which will put your hair in order?

The first method is to use egg yolk. Are you dismissing it as a crazy idea? Because it smells and sticks, people tend to dismiss it when we suggest that, it can be able to solve your hair problems. You hair becomes manageable, and would shine better, if you use egg yolk in your hair.  Simply put the yolk on your hair, and massage it. Allow it to be on the head for about 15 minutes, after which rise it off with cold running water. You can then go back to your hair shampooing and conditioning.

The second important instruction is to tell you not to dry your hair with a towel. Wet hair has its cuticles open, which can frizz. By rubbing with a towel, you are not helping the hair to condition itself. To avoid frizzy hair, after showering, just carefully pat you hair dry with a towel. Drying hair with a towel not only makes your hair frizzy, it can also hasten the hair loss.

Now turn to the usage of the hair dryers. Ionic hair dryers are the best! These are the latest in the home market, and are of an advanced nature. By releasing negative ions, these Ionic dryers, help match the positive ions of wet hair, thus making the drying process speedier, with minimum heat. Less heat means lesser damage to hair, not to talk about lesser power used.

It is your choice to go in for either the natural way or the modern methods to treat frizzy hair. Suffice to say that these tips have worked, but then, each individual has different requirements.