3 Tips For 16 Weeks Pregnant Women

Tips For 16 Weeks Pregnant WomenWe can’t deny the fact that pregnancy is one of the best phases in the life of a woman. On the contrary, it can also be undoubtedly said that it is the unpredictable stage that she goes through. Along with the excitement of a life growing inside her, she can feel emotions of fear because of the drastic alterations taking place in her body.

It is always a good idea to keep oneself well-informed about all the transformations that coming months are demanding. This will help her in handling the situation better. Having a keen knowledge about the growth and development of the baby in every week and the changes that will occur in the body becomes very imperial for the mother to be.

16th week of pregnancy is the 4th month of the 9 months of pregnancy. It falls in the second and comparably the most comfortable trimester out of the three. You might have noticed a lot of pregnancy symptoms subsiding by now but then transformations are at its all time high. Here in this pregnancy guide we will give you all the information that you should keep handy regarding the 16th week of pregnancy. This will make you ready to face the situation and also understand the standards expected out of this week.

Information On 16th Week Of Pregnancy

The Size Of The Baby

During the 16th week of pregnancy the baby is expected to fulfill some standard measurements where the length and weight is concerned. It can however differ a little depending on the health state of the mother. In the 16th week the baby should be approximately 4-5 inches in length and 100 grams in weight.

The Size Of The BabyThe Developmental Changes In The Baby

The head and the neck are in a continuous growing process even in the 16th week of pregnancy. The eyes and the ears of the baby are taking their final location during this time. This means that they can now see movements around them and hear the sound of their mother.

Talking about the legs, there are rapid growth movements in them too. The rate of the heart increases in the 16th week and will continue doing so in the coming weeks of pregnancy. The internal organs of the baby especially the kidney are now developed to produce urine that is excreted through the umbilical cord. Hair growth and change in skin color are also possible at this stage.

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The Changes In You

Where the mother is concerned, the blood circulation has improved rapidly by 16th week to provide the necessary requisites to the baby. A lot of symptoms that you might be suffering from in the former weeks now subside. These include morning sickness, nausea and mood swings. Where your skin is concerned, there will be a different radiance to it which will make you look more gorgeous than ever.

The increase in weight every week is shaping your body in a new form. However, you should accept this fact and enjoy the pregnancy phase completely. Regular pregnancy exercises and healthy food will help you in controlling the factor. There can be soreness in the body. There are stretches in the abdomen that can be a reason for stretch marks as well as discomfort and pain. The muscles are developing drastically especially the facial ones and it would be interesting for you to know that now they can create expressions

Regular pregnancy exercises