Tips For 22 Weeks Pregnant Women

Tips For 22 Weeks Pregnant Women

Tips For 22 Weeks Pregnant Women Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful time periods for a woman. She experiences a life growing inside her and the joy of motherhood simply takes her to seventh heaven. However, along with feelings of excitement you will also experience fear and unpredictability because of the rapid changes occurring in the body.

Every week of pregnancy in the 36 weeks is marked by drastic transformations. The entire phase is divided into three trimesters and each has a defined standard that you should work in par with. Along with knowing all the changes that will occur, you should also be aware about the developments you should expect in the body of the baby.

Make sure you deepen your knowledge about the length and the weight standards each week calls for. This will help you not only handle the situation well but also to mark your expectations from the particular week. Here in this pregnancy guide we will list down all that you should know about the 22 week of pregnancy which falls as a part of the 6th month and second trimester. Check them out-

Suggestions and Tips for 22nd Week Pregnancy

The Weight and Length of the Baby

Around 22nd weeks of pregnancy you can expect the baby to be around 11 inches in length and approximately 1 pound in weight. The standards can, however, differ a little depending upon the nutrition and the condition of the mother’s health.

The Developmental Changes in the Baby

The sense of touch has now developed in the baby and they can feel the parts around them and their body. Where the brain is concerned, the development is rapid even in the 22nd week. The body parts like lips, eyelids and eyebrows are now taking proper shape. Researches show that a 22nd week baby has wrinkles all over their body and there are some hair on them as well.

Tips For 22 Weeks Pregnant Women


The sense of sound is also one of the growing features. Along with the sounds inside your body, they can even hear your voice now. Along with this the taste bud of the baby has now developed. This means you should really cut down on spicy foods now.

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The Changes in You

You will notice that the morning sickness is now subsiding away and you are keener to eat healthy foods. Where the body is concerned, there is an increase in the breast size of women in the 22nd week. The increased and improved blood circulation brings a rosy look and appearance that makes the woman look more attractive. Rapid weight gain is another major change in the body of a pregnant woman. There is a fast increase in the appetite and hunger pangs during 22nd week.

There is also an increase in the vaginal discharge of women during the 6th month of pregnancy. Where the skin is concerned, you will experience stretch marks all over the abdomen as well as pigmentation of the skin. pregnancy in its 22nd week also triggers growth of body hair, fingernails and long and voluminous hair. For many women, increase in the feet size is also common.

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