Tips For 24 Weeks Pregnant Women

Tips For 24 Weeks Pregnant Women

Tips For 24 Weeks Pregnant Women  Pregnancy is one of those time periods in the life of a woman that she looks forward to experience. Along with extreme feelings of happiness and excitement she also goes through emotions of unpredictability. This is solely because of the drastic and innumerable changes that are happening in her body.

Also, the overwhelming feeling of a life growing inside her and the concern about the baby’s health and development keeps her thinking all the time. It is very significant for all the women who are expecting to have keen knowledge about pregnancy and the alterations that it brings. This helps them to prepare their mental state as well as the body for the occurring transformations in the near future.

Divided into 9 months and approximately 38-40 weeks, each week calls for some changes in the body of the mother, the development of the baby as well as the size of the baby. Once you get your hands on a week to week calendar with all the information, you can start preparing early as well as stay away from fear. Here this pregnancy guide will help you to know everything about the 24th week of pregnancy. Check them out to deepen your horizons.

Information about 24th Week Pregnancy

The Size and Weight of the Growing Baby

Every week has a defined standard where the weight and the length of the baby are concerned. The same goes for the 24th week of pregnancy when the baby should be around one and a half pounds in weight and 8-9 inches in length. This can differ a little from baby to baby depending upon the health of the mother as well as the child.

Alterations and Developments in the Baby

There is a constant increase in the weight of the baby during this time of the 6th month. The baby has gained approximately 4 ounces in just a week’s time. There are rapid developments in the brain and the taste buds of the baby. The skin however, is still very thin and transparent and will take a couple of more weeks to develop fat under the skin surface.

Tips For 24 Weeks Pregnant Women


The bones, muscles and organs are in continuously growing process in 24th week. The sound quality is improving and the ear is gaining proper shape. Eyelashes, brows and hair have grown well and giving the face a good appearance.

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Transformations that a Mother Goes Through

There are various changes in the body of the mother as well. When talking about 24th week, it falls in the second trimester of pregnancy. Most of the symptoms have subsided but then backaches, headaches and constant exhaustion is something that will increase day by day. The belly size is growing and the belly button pops out during this week. A little numbness in the wrists and fingers can be experienced.

Stretch marks in the abdomen and hips are another sign of 24th week pregnancy. Itchiness, sensitivity to light, dry eye, discomfort and cramps are some other problems you will have to face during this stage.

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