6 Tips For 6 Months Pregnancy

Tips For 6 Months Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet the most critical times in the life of every woman. On one hand there is unmeasured happiness attached with the development of a new life within and on the other hand there are feelings of fear and unpredictability related to the drastic changes that are happening in the body.

However, it is something very natural and a phase which every woman experiences at least once in lifetime. Motherhood is something that every woman looks forward to. Herein, the questions that pregnancy brings along with itself should be answered with a deep knowledge about the same.

Every month you will see some major transformations in the body as well as in the growth of the baby inside. To make sure you are ready to handle all these alterations, here is a simple health and pregnancy guide that will broaden your horizons about the changes in the 6th month and the last month of the second trimester. Read them out for your advantage-

Information And Tips For 6th Month Pregnancy

The Size And Weight Of The Growing Baby

In the 6th month of pregnancy, you can expect the baby to be approximately 690-700 grams in weight and 34 cm in length. However, the statistics can differ a little from baby to baby, depending upon the kind of nutrition you are providing your body with.

The Size And Weight Of The Growing Baby

The Development Of The Baby

There are some major developments and transitions taking place in the body of the baby during the 6th month of pregnancy. You should be very well aware of all kinds of growth so that you can be ready for it.

The bones of the baby are now at a stage where they are getting solid and stronger. Along with this the hands are completely developed in the 6th month. The sexual parts in the baby have also taken shape and fully grown. Also, you can expect the brain of the baby to develop drastically during this period. You will experience that the baby is taking more space in the uterus with the expanding pot belly.

The spine structure has also formed which will grow completely in the coming months. Just in case you are expecting twins, then the bonding between them starts now.

The Development Of The Baby

The Changes In The Body Of The Mother

The 6th month also calls for various changes and developments in the body of the mother. The uterus is getting bigger every week and thus leads to a popped out stomach. It can be said that the belly is now the size of a basketball.

Since there is so much stretch of the abdomen it becomes more and more itchy day by day and also starts paining. Some of the symptoms that you will show in your 25th week of pregnancy include heartburn, headaches, nasal blockage, and feeling of bloating, problems in digesting, dizziness and more. You will also notice that the hunger pangs have greatly increased and there is soreness in some parts of the body.

Skin problems are another common occurrence during the 6th month of pregnancy. The breasts are now soft and increase in size every week. Backache might also be experienced.

Feeling of bloating & dizziness

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The Increased Kicks

The kicks of the baby and the movement are now much stronger than before. There is a lot of space in the amniotic fluid for the baby to move. This is because the baby is growing stronger and so are his/her body parts.

The Increased Kicks

The Weight Gain Issues

A lot of expecting mothers becomes quite conscious about the increasing body weight and starts panicking. However, it is very natural that because of the growing baby and the amniotic fluid you will gain a few pounds. So stop getting anxious and enjoy the pregnancy to its fullest. The 6th month will bring a lot of body weight along.

The Weight Gain Issues

Enjoy And Pamper

One of the tips for women in their 6th month is to give yourself all the time in the world and get pampered. It is that phase where you have come out of the morning sickness completely. Do all the activities that make you happy and keep you stress free. Pampering can also help you forget your symptoms for a while. Taking spas or spending a lazy afternoon, reading a book are some of the ways you can follow.

It is very important to keep your self away from stress and tension, not only for your good health but also for the baby. Keep yourself busy in simple chores rather than sitting idle and doing nothing.

Keep your self away from stress and tension