Tips For A Date To Make It Perfect

Tips For A Date To Make It Perfect

Tips For A Date To Make It Perfect There are various ways by which you can make your date the perfect one and a memorable one. If you want to impress your date than you must know few important things such as manners which every girl wants to see in a guy, how to talk in front of a girl, what to talk, have a good sense of humor etc. Usually girls wants are never ending but there are few wants which you cannot ignore if you wish to impress your date.

It is not necessary that after a date you end up into a relationship, you can become friends because it is also a good start. It might happen that you slowly fall in love with each other. Dates will always make you feel nervous and stressed but try to relax and feel confident to make a good impression. You must be very excited for your date but try to control your emotions so that it does have an inverse effect on your date.

Tips for a Date


Plan out everything from before hand. It is better to plan out everything before you meet your date so that if by chance you get nervous you don’t spoil your date. Note down all the points in a paper or make arrangements according to your plans before hand so that whenever required you can see the paper and then proceed accordingly.

Decide from before where you want to go. You can even ask your date about her preferences because it will make him or her feel that his or her preferences are also important to you and create a good impression. You can choose simple places too if you want to make your date simple. Make your date creative and interesting.


You can even plan to give your date surprises to make her feel special. Try to give her few hints so that your surprise does not get spoiled. If you plan to choose the place to go then tell her about the place so that she can dress accordingly. If you fail to do so then it might happen that your date feels bad and your date starts on a bad note.

Your date might not feel comfortable and thus spoiling your date. If you plan to give her a gift then also give her a hint because it might happen that she is unable to take it home and unfortunately you only had to take it back along with you. Shower red roses on your date when she comes to make her feel special.

Greeting Your Date

You can greet your date with flowers and chocolates. You can give your date a bunch of decorated flowers especially red roses. These things will make your date feel comfortable and even create a good impression. Make sure that you are on time to greet your date when he or she arrives. Try to execute your plans properly and in a systematic manner.


You can be a bit romantic but not too much. Do romance according to the situation or surroundings. If your date shows you positive signs then you can be romantic but make sure that your date agrees to it. Don’t make your date feel uncomfortable. If you do so then it might happen that your dates concludes you as a desperate and thus decide not to meet you again.


Tips For A Date To Make It Perfect

Dress according to the place you choose for your date. Don’t think that on your date so you must wear a suit. Dress in a simple manner you can go in for shirt or t-shirts with a pair of jeans for guys and girls can go in for anything in which they find themselves comfortable. Be the way you are. Make sure to keep up a clean appearance.

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Interact with your date. This will make him or her feel comfortable. Don’t keep on talking about yourself. Ask questions to your date so that you can know him or her. Ask your date about their likes and dislikes, theirs hobbies etc. Give your date a chance to talk and to ask you questions.

Give him or her all your attention and try to avoid unimportant calls. You should avoid pretending that you know everything and making a fool of your self. Don’t make your date feel that you are trying to underestimate him or her. Don’t talk continuously about your achievements if your date is not interested to know about it. Try to understand your date and their expectation. Talk about the things which you both like.


You must have proper manners. Girls like boys who have manners and respect others. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t force him or her to get physical with you. If he or she gives you positive signs then only go near your date else try to maintain distance.


Give your date ample of time to adjust with you. Have patience. Go near your date only if he or she allows you to do so. Don’t feel that since you have met many times you both know each other. It will take time even months. Be true to your date. Try out new locations. Know your limits. Avoid getting drunk on your dates especially if your date does not want you to do so. Try to do the things what your date likes but make sure that you don’t pretend to impress him or her.

Be prepared to face rejection if it’s your first date. Don’t feel depressed instead prepare for another date. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t make your date feel that you are doing a favor by taking him or her out and spending time with him or her instead the privilege works both ways.

Dating is something which is not just about you but also about your date. Try to do things which you and your date both like to do. Go for a walk or drink coffee. Try to care for your date and make him or her fell that you like them and are concerned for their safety.