Tips For Body Language On A First Date

body language on a first date

body language on a first dateBody language is the secret, powerful and quiet language. It refers to non verbal and unconscious communication by the use of facial expressions, postures and gestures. Your body language can make a positive impression or a negative impression on your first date.

Therefore, you should understand the importance of your body language. Always be aware and ready because who knows when the right opportunity may be standing for you.  According to the studies of experts, the non verbal language communicates approximately 50 percent of what you really mean, voice tonality contribution is about 38 percent and your words contribute only 7 percent. Your body constantly sends messages, but you don’t even recognize that you are communicating more than what you realize.

Why It Is Important?

Along with the interaction your body language is also important even on your first date. Your first date is just like your job interview. This means you need to present yourself at your best and this cannot be possible without your body language. If you are telling something and your body is telling something else, it gives out mixed message.

This is not at all right for your first date. So, that’s why you need to understand the importance of body language. Everyone from birth can understand the non verbal facial expression. If you will familiarize yourself more with some basic non verbal signs, then you can develop your ability of understanding what other people are communicating, and know what you are broadcasting to other people. Your body movements, positions and posture easily tell other people, what exactly you mean (which might even be the opposite of the things what you told).

Many people are not even aware that how loudly or clearly they communicate along with their bodies. On your first date you may understand what your date indicates with his or her body positions and gestures, but you won’t understand what messages you are sending out.  Thus, before you go on your first date it would be better to improve your body language. So, that you don’t create a negative impression on your first date.

Things You Should Avoid

You might be telling your dating partner something, but your body language may be sending some opposite message. This type of mixed message can really make a negative impression on your partner. Through your body movements, eye contact and gestures as well as facial expressions, he or she can understand whether you are telling truth or not.

body language on a first date

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Its better you try to avoid some bad non verbal communication on your first date. On your first date, if you fold your arms across the chest it can appear as a defensive pose, or it may be seen as if you are not interested in the conversation. If you get up with the hands in your pockets, it may sometimes seem as a poor confidence.  Sitting with shaking leg crossed would express some discomfort or nervousness.

If you constantly look at the floor, then it expresses as if you are not interested in the conversation.  To touch or rub your nose, while giving response to any question, this seems that you are not being honest to your dating partner.  If you just rub your neck or head, then it will show that as if you are bored with the conversation. Pointing your body parts or feet will show that you are not getting interested and want to end-up the date as soon as possible. Another body language is slouching as it will make you look more nervous, as if you are not ready for the date. So, these are the body languages that you should avoid.

Things that You Should Do

Body language is really a powerful tool, which can help you to make your positive impression on your first date. It all depends on your body language, if you want to tell that you want to get kiss or to be kissed on your first date. The first thing that you should try to learn is to look more confident on your date. You may be nervous from inside but you should look confident.

People, who show a right posture and movement in their body, give a positive impression that they are confident. Your confident body language will help you in impressing your date.  If you are nervous about your first date, then stop getting nervous now. When you are into conversation with your partner, you can show your interest, but how. You naturally mirror the behavior and image of their body. This means, the way how they tend to react, in the same way you also tend to react as well when talking with your date.

This will show how you are actually feeling with him or her. You can even tell your date that you are interested in him or her by your body language, like by physical contact.  If you are a female, just try to keep eye contact and smile frequently. Males normally fall for female who have intriguing eyes and bright smile.

If you are a male with full of confidence, then you will definitely win the heart of a woman as well as capture attention. Showing your confidence also means hiding nervousness. Keep both your hands always busy, so that you can prevent fidgeting with fingers, to show-up the nervousness signs. Keeping your hands busy does not mean that you start touching your date frequently.

Get Right Help for Improving Your Body Language

Obviously it is not so easy to change your body language so quickly. It will take some time but it can be changed. To change your body language it may take about 2 or 3 weeks. You can take help in controlling body language by going through the videos, reading books on this topic and help from friends. Once you learn your bad habits of body language, then you will try to overcome them. What you think can be expressed through your body language. So improve your body language and get ready for your first date.