Tips For Buying The Best Antique Jewelry

best antique jewelry

best antique jewelryAntique jewelry is a classic and timeless adornment that can never become outdated or out of fashion. It is a symbol of quintessential ethereal charm, festooned with delicate grace and charm.

It is a great way to remind ourselves of the splendor of the bygone era. Antique jewelry actually refers to the jewelry made before the early 1900s.

Antique jewelries have their own unique characteristics that cannot be imitated or copied. Most of the antique jewelries are handcrafted with exquisite craftsmanship and is surrounded by a whimsical aura. These characteristics make them distinct from other kinds of jewelry.  The styling and design of antique jewelry has a classic elegance about it that has been understated for a long time.

In the past, it was considered to be something that only old people could wear. However, today, the perception related to antique jewelry is undergoing a drastic transformation. Today, it is considered to be an extremely fashions ornament that is the latest vogue and can be worn by women of all ages.

One thing to remember about antique jewelry is that it is not available in normal jewelry shops and departmental stores. It is usually found in exclusive boutiques, niche showrooms, antique dealing stores, and auction houses. Besides, there are various websites from where you can get antique jewelry; however, it is important to be cautious.

This is because in many cases, the antique jewelry being sold could be fake. Not only this, some websites may charge you an exorbitant price for something that is actually not that expensive. If you don’t have an extremely trained eye and cannot find the difference between fake and original, you can be fooled quite easily.

In various cases, antique jewelry are handed down over various generations in the family and are thus part of their family heirlooms. Another great thing about them is that their value appreciates with item. In fact, some pieces of antique jewelry are quite valuable and collector’s items. Some people even consider them as great investment options.

Antique jewelry can serve as great gifts for your special someone, as well as great investment to buy for yourself. Also, antique jewelry isn’t limited only to women, various intricate pieces are also available for men as well. Given below are some important reasons behind purchasing antique jewelry.

Reasons For Purchasing Antique Jewelry

tips for antique jewelry

Various different kinds of antique jewelry pieces are available for everyone who is fond of vintage-style accessories. If you are dressing up in daytime outfits, casual jewelry is the right way to go. However, those who are on their way to a fancy party or night out, should ideally go for something a little more extravagant and fancy.

Antique jewelry is one such accessory which has a huge fan base amongst people of all ages. In fact, many jewelry connoisseurs considered antique jewelry to be their biggest attraction. There are numerous reasons behind the widespread popularity of antique jewelry. These include:

Historical Aspects Of The Piece

One of the main reasons for the desirability of antique jewelry is its great historical past. These kinds of jewelries are usually passed down over various generations and are sometimes a part of famous historical events or periods. The lovers of antique jewelry don’t just love to wear pieces of history but also love researching about its original and historical background.

Some Styles Suits the Attire Or Individual

Some people purchase antique jewelry for the sole reason that it matches their individual style or suits particular attire. Some people dress and accessorize in an antique style and for antique pieces such as age-old necklaces or antique pins can work well. Thus, wearing a jewelry piece that matches the overall appearance is one more reason for buying antique jewelry.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

It is a known fact that the jewelry made today is in no way even close to the exquisiteness and durability of the antique jewelry. The fine craftsmanship used in the old days produced numerous beautifully finished products which have stood the test of time till today.

Antique Jewelry As Investment

Many people also buy antique jewelry has a form of investment. The value of these jewelries usually appreciates with. Thus, a large number of people buy antique jewelry to resell after few years, not to wear it.

best antique jewelry

Tips For Buying The Best Antique Jewelry

Jewelry, just like property or land, is the best investment that anyone can make. The main reason behind this is that the value of jewelry always increases with passage of time, never goes down. The older a jewelry gets, the more expensive it becomes. Due to this, the number of antique jewelry collectors is witnessing a sharp rise these days.

Since there is such a large market existing for antique jewelry, it is important to be careful in order to get your money’s worth. A few people in the market are always ready to take advantage of naive people. Since dealing in antique jewelry usually involves a significant amount of money, it is important to exercise extremely caution. It is important to be aware of what you need to do to avoid getting ripped off.

According to most experts, the value of any piece of antique jewelry is dependent on its condition. Some pieces of jewelry may look good on the outside, but may not be in optimum condition from within. One of the ways to check the soundness of antique jewelry is by checking out its back. The truth is that it is really difficult to know about the condition of a piece of jewelry by looking at its front side.

This is because all forgers take extreme care in making sure that the jewelry looks good from the front. So what should you look for? The seams of any antique jewelry can tell you a lot about its condition. In fact, the fact that any form of seam exists in a piece of jewelry tells you that it had a previous life. In many cases, jewelry cut out pieces of jewelry from previously existing accessories or out of an antique dress to make it easier to sell them.

Seams can also tell you if any piece of jewelry has been repaired. It is also important to examine the repair, as the quality of the repair often varies. This means that any piece of jewelry that has been repaired would either be in a better condition or in a much worse condition. The best way of differentiating between a good repair and a bad one is through color.

Pieces of jewelry that have been repaired badly usually have seems of different colors. This is because most frauds would make use of cheaper metals in order to repair the antique jewelry. Thus, if the repair made in any piece of jewelry is notice, this means that it has been done badly.

Also take a close look at the various attachment and pins present in the back of your jewelry pieces. These are a great indicator of the age of the piece. The kind or style of the pin present in the piece of jewelry can tell whether the piece is truly antique or not.