Tips for Dark Lips

Lips have a lot to do with your face looks and you should give an equal importance to care of your lips, along with other body parts.

Brushing your teeth is your daily routine, but you need to brush your lips as well, as it helps to clean the lips by removing the dead cells of the lips and this allows the new cells to grow.

In this way, your lips will look fresh and it will add to the beauty of your smile. If you feel your lips are dry, then take a toothbrush, apply Vaseline and brush your lips. Use of lip balm after the brushing of lips is also very important.

Use of Vaseline or good balm on lips is must before you go to sleep every night. Water has a great role to avoid dehydration of lips, so drink 2 liters of water daily. Use a good lip balm daily to avoid any damage to your lips and I am sure you will be surprised to see the difference within few days. Remember to follow this routine every day.

Use a concealer on lips before the use of lipsticks and it will surely give your face a cool and healthier look. Also recommended is the use of a lip liner before the application of lipstick. Avoid using a lipstick that contains the substance, which leaves a darker look on your lips with regular use. So apply mild lip liner and lipsticks.

If you sleep in AC, then use petroleum Vaseline to apply on lips and then brush the lips in the morning to remove the dead cells. This will surely help to remove the darker look and your lips will glow red.

If your lips are cracked and you have uneven skin on your lips, then use of Vaseline is also helpful to deal with these cracks. Use good quality lipstick to care for your lips and try to eat nutritious diet, as it will also help to add a glow to your lips.

Keep on changing lipstick brand if they are leaving darker signs on lips. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking and caffeine. Red date water is also good to give redness to your lips.

Use of a thin layer of toothpaste before you go to bed is also very good for the health of your lips.

These are some easy ways to treat dark lips.