Tips For Daytime To Evening Makeup

makeup for daytime to evening

makeup for daytime to eveningMany women think that the same makeup can serve the purpose for both daytime and for evenings. We often confuse with the makeup for daytime and evening wears, and end up looking disastrous and over the top.

Imagine wearing a red lustrous red lip colour during the day, and wearing nude lips for the evening makeup. Both look very odd, and out of place. Evening and day time make up vary according to the light. For instance, throughout the day we remain in fluorescent light, that is sunlight or tube light, but during evening we tend to generally live under incandescent light, the ones used in night clubs.

Fluorescent lighting hides out the imperfections, while incandescent lighting spots out the details and flaws. So accordingly the makeup should also be changed. So here are some tips to help you make out clear distinctions between day time and evening makeup.

Makeup Tips For Daytime

Day time makeup should be more sober and toned down. As the fluorescent light of sun tends to naturally hide out our imperfections, we do not need to put in a lot of makeup. For the base, first dry clean your face, and then apply a light foundation according to your skin type and skin tone.

For oily skin, water based foundation, and for dry skin, oil based foundations are best. You can also go in for a foundation which fights against free radicals of pollution to save your skin. Then apply a translucent face powder suited to your skin tone on top of the foundation. You may either go in for a compact or a loose face powder. Then apply water proof eyeliner to line out your lids.

You may choose to apply a thin stroke of it for a more sober look. Then instead of applying eye shadow, dab a little petroleum jelly on your finger and apply it on your eye lids. This gives a fresh look to the eyes. And then complete the eye make up with some mascara, but do not apply it too dramatically. Now, to finish the look, choose a lip colour suitable for your skin tone. The colour should normally be a little toned down like peach or soft pink. You may also choose to apply lip gloss instead of lip stick, but avoid applying too much glittery ones.

Makeup Tips For Evening

Evening makeup can be more bold and sultry. As evening lights are more exposing, we have to hide our imperfections more, and enhance the best features. Evening makeup is generally heavier than day time makeup. So to start, choose a skin tone and skin type suited foundation and apply it evenly on face and neck.

Then choose a concealer according to your skin tone to hide out the under eye dark-circles and spots on face. Then apply a suitable face powder, a mineral based face powder can also be used. Then go in for colours, choose a suitable blusher and apply it on the cheek bones to enhance them. You may also like a bronzing powder instead of blusher, if you have sun-kissed skin tone.

After this, you may experiment with a lot of different looks. You may either apply eyeliner with the tails extending and with mascara on the lashes, or you may also experiment with smoky eyes. Then, you may either go in for a diva look, with flirtatious vibrantly coloured lips and or for a nude lips look. The diva look will be complementing with the nicely and neatly drawn eyes, while nude lips are better with heavily loaded eyes, and smoky eyes.

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