Tips For First Month Of Pregnancy

Tips For First Month Of Pregnancy

Tips For First Month Of Pregnancy The first and the foremost feeling when you come to know that you are pregnant is that of joy and happiness. Later on when the news seeps in, is when the unpredictability is experienced. The phase of pregnancy can be divided into three trimesters of 3 months each. The first and the third trimester are the most critical ones according to many researches.

Not only are there drastic alterations in the development of the baby but also the body structure and internal functioning of the mother. Each month calls for certain changes and advices and tips for the mother to be. This helps her in handling this unknown situation well and with confidence.

When we talk about the first month of pregnancy, it is the initial stage of change. Most of the women don’t really know what to do in that scenario. Along with various questions in the mind, you are totally unaware about the dos and don’ts of the first trimester. Here in this pregnancy guide we have all the advices and suggestions that you should be educated about. This will help you cross the month in a smooth manner. It also lists down the guidelines and information on the first month of pregnancy.

Guide for Pregnancy in the First Month

Confirm Through Pregnancy Test

Once you miss you periods, which is usually a 28 day cycle, you need to confirm whether it’s some other problem or it is due to pregnancy. There are various test kits available in the market that can help you do so in a simple manner. so the first advice for a woman who just missed her menstruation date is to take a pregnancy test. This is usually in the end of the first month.

Some Common Symptoms Associated

When we talk about the initial month of pregnancy, there are some common and prevalent symptoms that can be seen in almost all expecting women. These signs are very normal and come as a part and parcel of pregnancy in the first month. The symptoms include morning sickness, heightened sense of smell, headache, nausea, soreness and tenderness of the breast, bloating in the abdomen, vomiting, loss of appetite, increase in urination and more. a lot of you might even go through menstrual cramps.

These signs will, however, completely depend upon the body of the individual and how it takes pregnancy. Implantation spotting is another symptom you might experience during the first 10 days after conceiving.

Avoid Public Places

The first month of pregnancy is supposed to be very critical. You should definitely avoid going to crowded areas where the chances of catching an infection increases rapidly.

Tips For First Month Of Pregnancy

It is very important for you to stay healthy for the growth of the baby. Also, it is best to prevent the diseases since you can’t be taking drugs and medications for the same during pregnancy.

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Stay Away from Radiation

There are various electronics and gadgets around us that emit radioactive rays. This is not considered good for the mother nor the baby. Stay away from microwave ovens, computers, mobile phones and even television as much as possible.

Have a Balanced Diet

A nutrition packed diet is very important requisite when it comes to the first month of pregnancy. You have to understand that the needs of the body have increased and that your diet will ensure proper development of the fetus.

Along with protein rich meals it is important for you to take all the other nutrients in good amount including calcium, vitamins and minerals as well. Have loads of vegetables and seasonal fruits for the purpose. Fresh fruit juices and drinking plenty of water is also important to keep the body hydrated.

Herein, it is also suggested that caffeine should be completely avoided that can actually harm the fetus. Stay away from tea and coffee as much as you can. Along with having all the three main meals, you should take 2-3 glasses of milk and finger foods from time to time during the day to keep the nutrient level balanced.

Take a Doctor’s Appointment

Once you see positive results in the home kit for pregnancy, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor or take an appointment from a gynecologist. They will guide you towards the dos and don’ts of pregnancy as well as run various tests to see whether you and the baby are fine or not.

The Size of the Baby

Just as the first month is about to get over, the size of the baby is approximately ¼ inch.

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