4 Tips For Hiding Pregnancy With Clothes

Tips For Hiding Pregnancy With Clothes

Even though pregnancy is the most special time in the life of all women, but one may not yet be ready to share it with the entire world. Some women prefer to wait till they are safely through their first trimester and then risk of miscarriage ebbs down. Or one may have a social event or job interview coming up and they don’t want their pregnancy to be a subject of discussion.

Whatever the reason might be, if you are look for ways to conceal your pregnancy, there are a number of clothing options that can help you do that.

Tips For Hiding Pregnancy With Clothes

During The First Trimester

Adapt Your Pre-existing Clothes

Though your pregnancy will not become apparent to others during the first trimester, but you are likely to put on some weight and go through bodily change that may make it difficult for you to fit into your old clothing. During this time, instead of moving to maternity clothes, you can adapt your favorite apparel to fit your body. Buy a wide elastic band that would fit on the waist band of your skirts and pants. In this way, you can leave your pants or skirts unbuttoned without worrying about losing them. Also, make sure to pin up the elastic fitted pants and skirts with long shirts.

Maternity clothes

During The Second Trimester


Once you are into your second trimester, your waistline would begin to expand swiftly. However, you can still hide your pregnancy with the help of the right clothes. At this time, you need to start layering your wardrobe. You need to avoid wearing loose clothes that flow around the body. Instead go for a fitted camisole along with a jacket or sweater during the winters. In the summer time, team up a pair of short or capris with a long-length sleeveless top. Add a belt to give an illusion of small waist even when the baby is growing.

Once you are ready to buy maternity pants, go for the ones that have hidden panels. Some maternity pants and jeans can be easily mistaken for usual non-maternity clothing as they are made with faux button and zippers.


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Colors And Patterns

Besides wearing the right kind of clothes, you need to consider the patterns and colors of the clothing as well. A monochromatic outfit in dark color would make you look slimmer. Combine a pair of slim dark pants, shorts or skirts with light colored tops. Make sure to avoid horizontal plaids and stripes. You can also pair a bold printed top with a pair of solid bottom.

Patterns and colors of the clothing


To hide your pregnancy successfully, you need to consider more than just your clothing choices. It is also very important to team up the right clothing with proper accessories in order to camouflage the pregnancy. While choosing the accessories, go for the ones that would draw the attention away from the belly. Wear big necklaces as they would become the focal point of the outfit. Learn techniques of wearing scarves artfully to make people look at your face instead of your tummy.

Carrying large purses is also a great way of hiding your growing belly. Go for large beautiful bags that can be held in front while standing up or getting your picture taken.

Carrying large purses