Tips for Organic Skin Care

Supple and glowing skin enhances your beauty two folds. It is vital that skin be treated and taken care of well and to that end, the market is flooded with beauty care products which are made out of chemicals and materials which may lead to harm in the long run.

Hence the remedies involving natural products for skin are the most reliable and we will present tips to help you maintain your beautiful skin to make it look ageless and healthy. After all, who would mind a compliment about you looking younger?

One of the must- haves is a skin lotion that helps moisturize skin without leaving it oily or grimy. Do you know that approximately 800 chemicals found in skin care creams and lotions are considered to be poisonous? Hence, if you are going out shopping for the organic lotions available in the market, you must choose carefully.

Even though most of the lotions claim to be completely natural, they do have certain chemicals mixed in them for rendering fragrance. These chemicals are irritants and hence a product with an unnatural fragrance should not be purchased, no matter what claim the labels make.

One must always avoid mineral oils because they block pores of the skin and hence can be quite harmful. With the pores closed, the skin is not allowed to “breathe” and allows accumulation of salts near the pores which result in pimples, gashes etc. Always use oils like the Ovacado, Babassu and Shea, which are natural moisturizers and are totally free from minerals and help to maintain the natural skin tone without any side effects.

Where the real organic skin care products are concerned, they usually are not marketed on as large a scale as a branded natural product would. Hence one must always be on a look out for alternatives that though are not marketed on a huge scale, but the makers have directed funds in the research and the development of the product.

Lastly, Aragon oil is a rare oil to have strong moisturizing and re-generative skin powers, and it is one of the most formidable moisturizing lotions.