Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Your eyes are invaluable and they can look remarkably beautiful coupled with the eyebrows. The eyebrows in good shape increase the beauty of the eyes and your face by many folds.

Here are the ways to make those eyebrows look more beautiful and enhance your beauty considerably:

Here is the generic rule to have perfect eyebrows; they should complement the body type. If you have a sporty body, then eyebrows that are thicker will suit your personality and will look natural on you. Likewise, if you have fragile features, then the eyebrows should be more arched. In case of small eyes, shape your eyebrows impeccably.

Here is a work of caution; do not pluck your eyebrows too much. They take at least eight weeks to grow back and too much plucking will reduce the opportunities of shaping them. Also, when you have to pluck them, do it after the shower when the skin is moist and soft. It will help in plucking them easily and it will be less painful in this case.

Whenever you wax your eyebrows, ensure that a toner is used to cleanse the area immediately after waxing is completed.

If you want a tattoo on the eyebrows, it is advised that you check the ingredients and the shape of the tattoo first. A tattoo not only may spoil the looks of the eyebrows but also might cause damage to the skin.

When you are trying to give shape to the eyebrows, it is vital that you understand where they begin and end. To find this out, align a ruler from one nostril to the inner corner of the eye. Where the ruler intersects the brow, is where your eyebrow should begin. Likewise, aligning the ruler from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye, wherever it intersects the brow will be the end point. The eyebrow should peak just above the iris.

Always keep an eyebrow brush with you. It will help in keeping the brows in shape. Brush them using a gel, which will keep them intact. Maintain the eyebrows once in a week or a fortnight at least.

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